Top Musical Instruments For Kids & Early Beginners

Best musical instruments for kids to learn. Find an instrument for every age with our wide selection of musical instruments – buy kids guitar, music piano, keyboard, xylophone, violin & drum sets. We have mentioned several starter instruments, recommended by teachers for students, wishing to learn any musical instrument. Also read why music educators recommend considering a child’s body type and personality to determine the best musical instrument for them to learn. Early years instruments give kids a sound start in life so try to go for sound quality and durability over price. Let the rock star in your kid come out. Skip to the bestselling musical instruments for kids on Amazon.

Best Musical Instruments for Kids

Musical instruments for kids are a wonderful way for your little ones to have fun and also learn at the same time. Making music with guitars, ukuleles, xylophones, melodicas, mini pianos, drums and tambourines is a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids, and in the process learning about rhythms and sound. Now its easy to turn a playgroup into band practice with sing-alongs and musical instruments, or you can even give the gift of music to toddlers and children, who can continue to play them for years to come.

With a range of instruments to choose from, you can find one for every age and price range – so o out and make some music with your little one.

Instruments for Kids – 0 to 2 Years (24 Months).

For Kids 3 Years & Older

Kids 5 Years & Older

Kids 8 Years & Older

Introduction: Plenty to Choose From

As parents, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the different types of instruments, so that you can explain the basic differences between them, to your child, and also select an appropriate one depending on your kid’s personality type.

Okay, so when you talk about musical instruments, what are the various names that come to your mind?

It seems keyboards and the guitar are the most popular; at least if you ask most of the parents, their children are learning either of these instruments.

But the fact is that there are many more musical instruments that kids can learn!

And the good part is that these are inexpensive, portable, and most of these instruments are already taught in schools.

What are the More Popular Musical Instruments?

Usually, what most parents do is find a good music teacher / school around, buy a musical instrument and enroll their kids for music classes. This is what most parents do, and that explains the popularity of instruments such as piano and guitar, because it is very easy to find teachers around, as these are popular instruments.

You may even add vocals/singing and drums to the list. But then most parents do not want their children to learn drums; they would rather their children learn something else. Most parents don’t prefer drums because it can be noisy and they think it can be a nuisance. However that is not the reality as nowadays, with the availability of electronic drums, you can learn drums with headphones on.

In recent years, Ukuleles are gaining popularity among beginning students because its affordable, easy to carry, and you can play melody as well as rhythms. Music instruments such as the recorder and the melodica are also quite popular among young students.

VTech is a popular manufacturer of kids musical instruments that makes a variety of useful instruments for kids. Their instruments have good features, are entertaining and are designed to be educational too. They make everything from keyboards, guitars, drums to other electronic musical instruments. Read more on VTech musical instruments

By and large most kids seem to be learning these musical instruments.

Instruments For the Early Beginners

Few more instruments for kids include:

Mini Keyboards | Toy Pianos | Toy Guitars | 3/4 Guitars | Melodicas

Other Musical Instruments for Kids

We have spoken about the popular musical instruments – piano, guitar and drums, but then there are many more musical instruments that children can learn.

Most schools have choirs and bands, where their students participate. They also have music teachers to teach the various instruments of the orchestra.

Some other musical instruments that most kids play, and are taught in schools, include the following:

  • String Instruments (Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bass instruments)
  • Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Sax)
  • Brass Instruments (Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas, French horns)
  • Various Percussion Instruments
  • Other instruments such as harmonica, synths, and so on.

Watch: Child prodigy on the piano

Most Important Toys for a Toddler Aged 2-3?

There are several toys available such as toy guitars, cars, building blocks and bouncy balls, these all let children use their imagination and encourage their motor skills. Also my two year old enjoys rolling a car to me, and i roll it back to him, and he giggles and does it all over again. Building blocks can also encourage number skills, just count the blocks with them or tell them the pictures on the blocks. Bouncy balls can be great fun for bouncing off the walls, and can encourage hand eye coordination, it’s all about fun for them at this age and they don’t even realize they are developing new skills every day

Best Musical Instruments for Kids to Learn

However, No single toy helps build development. I mean most toys are an all in one thing. YOU have to teach them using the toys. You point out the name of the toy, the shape, the color, help them have an imagination by thinking of creative ways to play.

I mean building blocks for example. You have a set that are the colors of the rainbow and some have different shapes. You tell them they’re blocks then name the colors and shape and help them build.

Musical instruments are good for pattern recognition (pre-reading and pre-math skill), learning rhythm (improves math abilities because music is applied math) and vocabulary (the more you sing and particularly the more you RHYME the more your child is likely to pick up on new words and pick up on the phonemic relationships between words).

More Popular Instruments for Kids

Here’s what a few studies have shown about how kids choose their music instruments (though this is not really conclusive). Children usually tend to get attracted toward certain musical instruments based on their dominant sense:

  • Visual (See)
    Children with strong visual senses, usually prefer playing instruments such as the keyboards/piano because you play it by looking at the keys, and make the visual connection between your fingers.

  • Auditory (Hear)
    Auditory children usually prefer string instrument (guitar, violin), something that can be played by ear rather than practicing off a score.

  • Tactile (Touch)
    Tactile children enjoy group lessons, and prefer physically demanding instruments such as trombones, tubas, or cellos (they love physically wrapping themselves around an instrument).

  • Taste and smell
    Taste and smell children respond to magical-type instruments, such as flute or harp, for the way it feels, or because it reminds them of a special movie, or because someone in the house likes it.

As mentioned, however, there’s no guarantee that just because your child has one of these dominant senses, he/she will be able to master the instrument. The above are just guidelines and you can use them to make a judgment in case your child says he/she wants to play all the musical instruments.

Choosing the appropriate instrument however ensures that the child will practice for a much longer period, and probably not leave it midway.

Before buying a decent quality instrument, its best to expose your child to various kinds of instruments, and let them see for themselves how they feel and how they produce the sound.

Which Musical Instruments Are Easy for Kids to Learn…

  • What musical instruments you want your children to take up, or
  • If they have any preferences, what instruments do they want to play?
  • There are many kids who start learning the Piano, Keyboard and somewhere down the line, they feel like trying their hands on some other musical instrument.

    There are many other musical instruments for children to take up, and they are easy to learn as well.

    There are many other musical instruments that can be taken up but the above are some of the musical instruments which, I feel, can be learnt along with the Piano/Keyboard. They are also easy to learn and will complement your piano playing.

    Buying Guide: Musical Instrument for Children

    Here’s more on choosing a Musical Instrument
    In case your child is not sure about what instrument to learn, then choose any instrument for which you can find a good music teacher / school around so that it becomes easier to take the lessons.

    But it would still be worthwhile to go through the following steps before you do that.

    1. Talk to them and explain them the different categories of musical instruments
    2. Explain to them what the instruments are made of, and how they have to be played.
    3. Let your children listen to the various instruments; it’s easy to do it using a computer. There are several websites that will have samples, or you can check-out Youtube.
    4. Show your kids what the instruments look like, and let them touch it, investigate it, play it. You can visit music shops or go to some music schools.
    5. A music shop or school is good because it will let your child see the differences and its easier to do a comparison.
    6. Finally, let your child decide what musical instrument is best for him/her. They need to feel comfortable with the musical instrument they have selected.

    Here are some more useful links on this topic:

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    Other Factors to Keep in Mind
    There are some other factors that you need to keep in mind before you select the best musical instrument for your Kids to learn.

    Musical Instruments For Children

    Check the availability of music teachers and schools in your locality / area where you live. It may not be feasible for your child to travel a long distance to take lessons.

    It can be expensive if you have a music teacher visiting your place. Besides, the best teachers usually won’t visit your home to impart the lessons.

    In case you find a music school / teacher, you need to weigh the pros and cons of “group vs private” lessons.

    You’ll definitely need to buy a musical instrument for your child. For that, you need to think about the financial aspect as well as the space you’ll need to keep the instrument. A piano or a tuba can take more space compared to other instruments, and can be expensive.

    You also need to factor in your child’s age, build and temperament. Grown up kids may find it easier to blow a brass instrument compared to the smaller kids. Certain instruments can be heavier and require more physical strength. Introvert kids might be more comfortable playing the flute or keyboards rather than drums, and so on.

    If the musical instrument that you kid likes is expensive, consider renting the instrument for about 4 to 6 weeks and see if your child really has the inclination toward that instrument. Based on that, you can decide to buy the instrument.

    Effective Music Lessons for Kids

    Here’s how to get the maximum out of kids music lessons. Remember, there are several benefits of learning music, so don’t let your kids miss out on the opportunity.

    Music lessons for kids

    Funny / Amusing / Inspirational Kids Music videos

    Music / Songs / Lullabies for Kids

    More popular music and songs for kids

    Top Online Merchants to Buy Musical Instruments For Kids

    Here are the top merchants for buying Musical Instruments For Kids:


    The benefits of musical training and playing an instrument on children’s general well-being, and its positive impact on learning other subjects, have been well documented. Besides kids love instruments, and they seem to have a natural rhythm, but then learning to play a musical instrument can also take time. And it is also important to keep your child’s personality in mind when selecting a music instrument for your child. The points listed here and the tips mentioned will surely help you to select the best musical instruments for kids, for learning.

    Tell us What You Think?

    Want your kids to learn a musical instrument? It is a great idea!

    But what instrument does your child want to play?
    Which musical instrument you want your kid to take up?

    Here are some of the responses that we had got from most parents/children:

    • My son has a good ear for music but he seems to be interested in almost all the musical instruments. Though I don’t want to discourage him, I’m not sure if its possible to learn to play all the musical instruments, and how to persuade him to focus only on a few of them.
    • The problem is that at times you’re not in a position to choose the music instrument. For example, when I was in school, the band director just randomly matched the students with the musical instruments. I was asked to play the drums, probably because I had a larger body frame.
    • I didn’t enjoy it much, and few months later I switched to trumpet, but by then I was far behind others and was struggling to catch up. After school, I never played much. Don’t start them too early
    • There are several instruments that a child can start on. But then its advisable not to make them start too early, they need to be able to read first or they cant read the lyrics and also may not have the adequate concentration levels. Also, wind instruments require better lung capacity so for such instruments you need to be around 8 to 10 years i guess.
    • You may take help from your music teacher at school. I think that is the best bet. And you need to practice as well.
    • I am 12 and I play the Clarinet in both my concert band, and Jazz band classes at my school. I don’t have any specific musical tastes and I like classical music, rock, pop and even folk. I like listening to music very much, but I can’t sing very well so I just privately hum. I wish I could sing better.

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    Question: Looking for Kids musical instruments for my Grandchildren.

    I have 4 grandkids and am looking for a portable piano or a guitar for them to learn. It needs to be a bit sturdy (you know how kids are) and should last at least for a couple of years.

    No idea what to look for and how much would it cost. But preferably would prefer it to cost less than 100 dollars so that I can get a couple.

    Any suggestion for a decent kids musical instrument would be appreciated. — ‘Grandpa’

    Answer: You can go in for any lighted musical toys that make sound. They’re fun to learn and will last few years. There are several models, just choose whatever fits your budget.

    It would have helped if you had mentioned the age group of your grand kids. If they are in the 5-7 years group, the lighted music keyboards will be too big for them, and not very comfortable for them to start learning. Not an ideal beginner piano keyboard for that age group.

    Casio mini keyboard or the Vtech 3-in-1 musical band will be a better and portable option for your kids. You can buy two of these.

    For older kids 7-8 years, you should ideally ask them what they would prefer – a piano or a guitar.

    We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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