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Ideal for Creating Fast and Thumping Music. Korg Synths are known for their distinctive sounds, besides being built for easy and intuitive operation, making their Synthesizer suitable for both stage as well as studio use.

Korg synthesizers have been appreciated worldwide for its stunning sounds, effects and intuitive operation.

Korg’s powerful synthesis engines generate sounds in all its compact, portable synths making them sound brilliant.

You can really feel the power, be it during practice sessions or during live performances.

Korg Synths have a rich and varied collection of analog-type sounds and effects that are ideal for creating dance, trance or hip-hop music.

A korg synthesizer would usually have a powerful effect section with multiple processors (insert effect, master effects, EQ) and will also have a sophisticated mixer.

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Superb Arpeggiators

Another reason for the korg synth to be popular is its arpeggiator!

An arpeggiator will let you play a variety of musical phrases using just one finger. Some of the korg synths also provide two polyphonic arpeggiators, which will give you amazing power during live performances.

Just set the two arpeggiators to different instruments – say drums and bass, while you play chords and melody. A korg synth provides you numerous patterns besides also letting you program your own original patterns.

Superb Modulation Effects

Modulation is what lets you create the nuances and articulations for the various sounds. The joystick on the korg synthesizers lets you freely vary the pitch and apply the various modulation effects such as vibrato or wah.

Most of these korg synths let you create extremely sophisticated sounds in various ways. You can then program these or use them in real-time to give your sounds a high degree of expressiveness.

Vocoder Effects

Some of the korg synths provide vocoder and related features to let you play around with voice.

You can capture your voice and play it across the keyboard. You can even change the frequency to make your recorded voice to sound like a male, female, child or anything wacky.

These korg synths come attached with their own microphone. So you can start having fun right away.

Editor Software Included

Some of the korg synths, like the R3, provide you software which gives you the option of editing sounds on the computer instead on your korg synth.

Just connect your korg synthesizer to your computer via its USB connector, and use the included software to conveniently edit the sounds, using your computer.

You can create new sounds or edit existing ones and save it on your computer or on your korg synth and use them real-time.

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