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The Pianist Movie

The Pianist: Movie about a Polish Jewish Pianist "Wladyslaw Szpilman" (played by Adrien Brody) during World War II. It depicts how he struggles to elude capture and survives the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto! Star Cast – The Pianist Movie Release Year: Jan 2003 Genre: Biography | Drama | Music | War Director: Roman Polanski […]

The Piano Lesson Movie Review

The Piano Lesson is about a black family and their piano, which is adorned with the faces of their slave ancestors. One of the family members is determined to sell this ancient piano in which he claims half-ownership. Every family has a history. Some families run from their past, hiding it in order to get […]

How to Read Piano Tabs

How to read Piano Tabs? You will get all the information you need on how to read & play piano tabs. Well, it is not really necessary to know about "piano tabs" if you can read & write music in the traditional sheet music style. Even if you can read music, the other person with […]

Easy Piano Lessons

You will find easy piano lessons that will get you started right away with the basics of piano playing. Eager to start playing the piano? Here You will find easy piano lessons that will take you through the names of the notes, how the various black and white keys are identified and so on. You […]

The Ultimate Collection of Piano Themed Movies

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Piano Movies Collection: Here’s a collection of some great movies made around the Piano. Watch them to get some inspiration for your music learning, watch it to learn more about some of the greatest music composers, or just watch it because they are well made movies. Almost everybody wants to play a musical instrument but […]

Piano Chord Inversions

Understanding Piano Chord Inversions–: Learn how to rearrange the notes! Piano Chord Inversions – The construction of Major and Minor chords that we discussed in the earlier lessons focused on the root position i.e. the lowest note was the same as the name of the chord. But you don’t always have to play a chord […]

The School of Velocity, Op. 299 (Complete) for the piano (Schirmer’s library of musical classics) by Czerny

the school of velocity czerny

The School of Velocity (Carl Czerny) offers practical training in piano passage work, particularly in playing the virtuoso music of the romantic period. Students who master Opus 299 have indeed progressed a long way in the “school of velocity.” Each exercise is a complete music composition, demanding attention to dynamics and phrasing. The school of […]

Music Theory Laminated Mat

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Music Theory Laminated Mat reviewed here. A great learning tool, all the information needed to advance your music theory knowledge. The chart has a concise collection of important musical concepts crammed on both the sides. You can use it to teach others or to teach yourself. Thick laminate ensures it lasts for long. A nice […]

Piano Technique – Improvement Resources that You Should Not Ignore

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Piano Technique Improvement: Sound Professional with these tips & techniques; make your piano skills stand out using these resources. Learn proper body posture & the various tricks like runs, riffs, accompaniment, scales, harmony, hand/finger independence, jumps, endurance and other techniques that will make your piano playing sound professional. Want to know what the pros do […]