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Piano Technique – Improvement Resources that You Should Not Ignore

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Piano Technique Improvement: Sound Professional with these tips & techniques; make your piano skills stand out using these resources. Learn proper body posture & the various tricks like runs, riffs, accompaniment, scales, harmony, hand/finger independence, jumps, endurance and other techniques that will make your piano playing sound professional. Want to know what the pros do […]

PianoForAll Review

Top Reasons to Consider the PianoForAll Learning Software Here’s a review of the PianoForAll learning software! One of the popular computer based piano learning courses, it claims to offer an ingenious new way to learn Piano & Keyboard. One of the major challenges that any beginner faces while playing the piano is to use the […]

The Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Cadences: Includes All the Major, Minor (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic) & Chromatic Scales – Plus Additional Instructions on Music Fundamentals

when one talks about technical studies in piano playing, scales, chord & arpeggio are some of the things that come to the mind. All the teachers encourage students to master these things as they form the basics of piano playing. A good mastery over these topics means that you’re ready to move on to the […]

The Piano Movie

The Piano: Oscar-winning movie about a mute woman Ada (played by Holly Hunter) and her prized piano! Things You Probably Didn’t Know About THE PIANO The film revolves around a mute woman Ada, who is sent to New Zealand by her father for an arranged marriage to a wealthy landowner. Soon she falls in love […]

The Jazz Theory Book

begin piano books

Jazz is one of the most exciting styles to play for any piano player, because of the opportunity it offers for improvisation. So if you’re keen to learn to play jazz piano, here’s a useful book that will teach you all the techniques you need to know. Endorsed by the likes of Jamey Aebersold, James […]

Types of Music: Styles & Genres

Music is an art form that uses sound as medium in time and space. The basic elements of music, rhythm, dynamics and sound properties are color and intensity. Music through history had tried to define a number of theorists, philosophers, composers and musicians themselves. The very word music derives from the Greek word mousike, which […]

How to Read Piano Tabs

How to read Piano Tabs? You will get all the information you need on how to read & play piano tabs. Well, it is not really necessary to know about "piano tabs" if you can read & write music in the traditional sheet music style. Even if you can read music, the other person with […]

Faber Piano Adventures Method Books

begin piano books

Piano Adventures Method – What Does It Cover? Piano Adventures method by Nancy and Randall Faber! Another teaching method reviewed here! If you look at the qualifications of the authors, one would imagine that the faber piano methods would be one of the most outstanding method books available for piano. Nancy Faber (one of the […]

Understanding Piano Extended Chords

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Piano Extended Chords – As mentioned in the earlier lesson, a basic chord consists of only three notes. But then those are not the only chords that you can play! There are so many different chords that can be played using more than three notes. These chords are actually variations made to the basic chords […]

The Piano Lesson Movie Review

The Piano Lesson is about a black family and their piano, which is adorned with the faces of their slave ancestors. One of the family members is determined to sell this ancient piano in which he claims half-ownership. Every family has a history. Some families run from their past, hiding it in order to get […]

Christmas Piano

Christmas piano fun for your whole family! Get creative ideas this festive season! Looking for some creative ideas this festive season?… Want to involve your whole family in the fun?… You should be excited, since it is everybody’s favorite time of the year. Here are some of the ways you can use music to celebrate […]

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