The Best Digital Keyboards & Pianos for 2018

The Best Digital Keyboards & Pianos available on the market for various price ranges, for various requirements, and and for various skills. Here we take a look at the best arrangers, digital pianos, synthesizers, midi controllers, and workstations.

Easily Find the Best Keyboard Piano For Your Needs

Finding the best keyboard piano from a huge variety of digital keyboards in the market can be a difficult task these days. Here’s a selection of the best pianos for various prices. It includes models for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Best Keyboard Piano

Music Arranger Keyboards

Best budget-friendly 61-key portable keyboards for beginners & hobbyists
Yamaha EZ-220 lighted keyboard Here are the best keyboard piano models to get you started with learning to play the keyboards; these are designed to be budget-keyboards. You will find Yamaha and Casio Keyboard pianos ranging from 61 keys to 76 keys. Suitable for both – kids as well as adult beginners. Read more…

Best music keyboards for intermediate/experienced players
yamaha psr s670Best keyboard piano models for hobbyists, intermediate and experienced players. Comes with more than 61 keys and many synth like features. These keyboards can be used for songwriting as well because of their range of built-in styles, to quickly come up with nice sounding tracks. Read more…

Best arranger keyboards for budget-conscious musician, composer, performer and entertainer
These are budget arranger workstation keyboards with pro features, meant to bring the world of music at your fingertips. Great keyboards for getting started with music production or for live performance, meant for the budget conscious musician. Read more…

The Best Professional Arranger Keyboards

These are the best Professional Arranger Keyboards…includes the Yamaha Tyros and the Korg PA series. You will get excellent sound quality, the best sounding styles across several music genres and tools for creating/editing music. Read more…

Popular Brands

Casio portable music keyboards | Yamaha arranger keyboards | Korg Arranger Keyboards | Roland Arranger Keyboards

Digital Portable Stage Pianos

Best ‘budget’ 76-keys piano keyboards
Yamaha YPG 235 Keyboards
The best ‘budget’ 76-keys keyboard pianos in this category includes arrangers as well as plain pianos (without styles). Great options if you are looking for more than 61 keys. Read more…

Top ‘budget’ piano keyboards with 88 keys
Casio px-160
The best ‘budget’ piano keyboards with 88 keys. Some great options here with good keyboard touch. Good for beginner students as well as for those who are looking for a portable piano for practicing! Read more…

Best ‘mid range’ digital stage pianos with rich piano sounds & authentic feel
Yamaha P-255Keyboard stage pianos for learners, experienced players and accomplished players, who are looking for rich piano sounds & authentic keyboard feel. Read more…

Best stage pianos for pro performers on ‘budget’

Performance stage pianos for accomplished pro-performers; not the most expensive piano-keyboards but has sufficient power to help you create an impression. Read more…

The Best Digital Stage Pianos for Professionals

The best digital stage piano for professionals looking to dominate the stage with an astonishing selection of sounds and features. The best digital stage piano for professionals looking to dominate the stage! These come with an astonishing selection of sounds and features. Easy to use, programmable and fully featured! Read more…

Popular Brands

Casio portable piano | Yamaha portable digital piano | Roland electric pianos | Nord electric pianos

Digital Home Pianos

Best digital pianos to be used at Home
Yamaha Arius YDP
Best digital home pianos for recreational playing or for piano learning / teaching. These are available in the traditional classic looks and are suitable for playing at home, school or church. Read more…

Popular Brands

Casio Pianos | Yamaha Pianos | Roland Pianos | Williams Pianos

Synthesizer Keyboards

Best Beginner Synthesizer
Synth KeyboardBeginner synthesizer keyboards are smaller, lighter, more affordable. These performance synthesizers are practical for gigging bands and/or for creating your own unique sounds. In case you have always owned an arranger keyboard, you may look here for your first synth keyboard.

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for the cost-conscious musician
best beginner synthesizerEach of these offer premium sounds and professional effects in an ultra-light and compact design. Suitable for beginners and intermediate players looking for an affordable but pro sounding keyboard synth.

Best Synthesizer Keyboards for the working musician
Yamaha montage synthBest Synthesizer Keyboard models for the performing and the working musician, those who cannot afford the most expensive ones but are looking for professional performance keyboard instruments. Can also serve as an additional keyboard in your music gear.

Workstation Keyboards

The 3 best music keyboard workstations for professionals

korg kromeThe best workstation keyboards in business. Meant for professionals, these are suitable for studio work as well for performing on stage. These are self-contained music production keyboards that have all the tools for creating/editing music from scratch.

MIDI Controllers

Best 61 Key Midi Controller Keyboards

midi controller keyboard

Here are the top 61 Key Keyboard Controller keyboards for those who are used to playing on 61 key piano keyboards.

Best 88 Key Midi Controller Keyboards

88-key keyboard controller

The best 88 key midi controller piano keyboard, suitable for those who prefer playing the piano; available with weighted keys as well.

Best Compact Midi Controller Keyboards
nektar impact keyboard controller

Here are the best compact Midi controller keyboards, suitable for musicians on the go.

Very easy to carry around, and useful if you do lot of demos or if your workspace is always cramped!

Best Music Recording Equipment & Software

Reviews of the best music recording interfaces, sequencer software, and other recording equipment, for your studio.

Focus on Your Requirements

There is no single keyboard instrument that can satisfy the varied needs of different musicians, especially the professionals out there. No wonder then there are so many categories of keyboard instruments specializing in various aspects.

There are many who get impressed with a good sound quality, there are others who are looking for that perfect piano touch, there are others who want complete control over every aspect of the sound, some look for portability, and then there are others for whom ease-of-use matters more.

Somewhere down the line, one does feel the need for more. The simple bread and butter sounds, even though of much higher quality, do not satisfy the creative urge of most musicians. The sounds from the more expensive keyboards / synthesizers and the tools available to enhance them start giving you the adrenaline rush.

You will be amazed at the power and the features that some of these can pack in. You can create your own programs, combine songs to create new sounds, use the arpeggiators to create drum/bass/chord grooves on the fly, and much more.

Aspiring songwriters out there, who cannot afford to buy a full blown workstation can look for inexpensive but very capable instruments that that will let you compose, allow you to tinker around with the sounds as in a synthesizer, and also can talk to a computer.

Learning Curve Can Be Big

This is for all the beginners out there, not in terms of your playing skills but your understanding of the digital music lingo. You need to remember that there is going to be a big learning curve in case you are going the route of creating professional sounding stuff.

If you are buying some high-end stuff, then be prepared to go through the included training videos and spend time on the various forums, if you want to get the most out of your instrument.

Most novices feel that though the pro keyboard instruments do come with the necessary instructional videos, somehow they don’t seem to be enough to help them create their first tightly-integrated song.

That is the reason you need to be prepared to go through the learning curve. However, the built-in tones are also awesome and depending on your purpose, some of you might actually not feel the need to use some of the advanced features.

Best Keyboard Piano

There are several factors which can make a digital keyboard / piano more attractive.

The most important factors include price, functions, and ease-of-use.

Also narrowing down the best keyboard piano for you starts with an overall comparison…and then being able to narrow down your needs to determine precisely what type of digital keyboard you require.

Price is a vital factor in determining the overall value of a digital keyboard, piano. But a low price does not always mean that you are getting the best value for your money.

The ease of use and the ability to use a digital keyboard, piano for professional uses can make a higher priced instrument more attractive.

We’ve chosen 3 different ways of selecting the best keyboard piano; based on features, based on value (price) and based on consumer reviews which typically show the real value and real life performance of a certain digital keyboard, piano.

Best Keyboards & Pianos

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    gary washburn June 29, 2017 at 4:51 am

    I have been using a Kurzweill PC-88 for many years. It has many “miles” on it. Most of the gigs I do call for me to play bass and piano. With the Kurz I have been able to play bass while playing piano, piano strings, piano, electric piano, organ etc. It is very easy to get around on……..what is available that can do what the PC-88 can do?

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