Zoom Multitrack Recorders, Reviews

Zoom is another popular brand that makes a wide array of recording devices, including multi-track recorders.

Zoom Multitrack Recorder reviews

You get flexible input and output options for any situation, lots of controls, have built-in audio interface & controllers, and many more features. Zoom’s innovative recorders now bring professional-quality audio to a consumer market.

Zoom’s multi-track recorders are portable (run on batteries) and are great for capturing live performances or a band rehearsal. Use them to record Scratch tracks or to overdub voice-overs in post-production.

Zoom Multitrack Recorders

Zoom R8 Multitrack SD Recorder Controller and Interface

The Zoom R8 Multitrack recorder’s portability, design, and affordability makes it a popular product. Offers 16-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording.It also has a a 2×2 USB audio interface and DAW control surface. Built-in stereo condenser microphones, Includes 1GB SD card and supports cards up to 32GB SDHC

Zoom R16 Multitrack SD Recorder Controller and Interface

The Zoom R16 Multitrack is basically a portable, battery-powered studio-in-a-box. 16-channel playback, 8-channel simultaneous recording. USB interface and control surface. 48V phantom power available on 2 tracks 135 types of digital effects available for recording, mixing, and mastering. Eight balanced XLR-1/4-Inch combination inputs

Zoom R24 Digital Multitrack Recorder

The Zoom R24 is an excellent portable, battery-powered digital Multitrack recorder, that also includes a 8-in/2-out audio interface, DAW controller, and sampler/sequencer/drum machine. Has built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser mic, Onboard phantom power with high-quality Mic preamps and vocal effects.

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