Young music prodigies: Checkout these gifted children (on the piano, guitar & other instruments)

Alicia Keys’ 5-Year-Old Son’s Impressive Piano & Composition

Alicia Keys’ 5-year-old son Egypt has already started composing. Egypt Dean performed the song, called ‘Super-boy’, on the piano in a debut post on Instagram.

The boy has great piano skills, seems to be following on the footsteps of her Grammy-winning mom, who is also an incredible piano player.

9 Year Old Plays Fantasie Impromptu and Libestraum

Here’s a 9 year old, who deftly plays some of the most difficult piano pieces, and has also started performing at concerts. See him playing the playing Fantasie Impromptu and Libestraum and feel amazed.

Child Piano Prodigy Gavin George

But then every-time we see a video of a child showing immense potential we all tend to go overboard and probably may not do the same if it was being performed by an adult.

Nevertheless, this little boy Gavin George looks full of promise, and hopefully we’ll see him touring the world one day.

13-Year Old ‘The Piano Gal’ Plays Music Composer John Williams’ Best Musical Creations on the Piano

Checkout 13-year old Sara Arkell aka ‘The Piano Gal’ ticking the ivories and playing Music Composer John Williams’ famous musical creations on the Piano. In the video, she has included songs from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and ET.

Sara finished in the Top 5 in last year’s CVX Live “Next Big YouTuber” contest, and encouraged by the results, this year Sara has attempted something even more challenging. Arkell created the mashup with the help of arranger Jason Lyle Black, and has played John Williams most famous compositions.

Watch: Sara Arkell, “The Piano Gal.” play John Williams’ best musical creations

Five year-old plays Mozart piano concerto

Born to Vietnamese parents (on May 31st, 2011), Evan Duy Quoc Le (known as Evan Le), lives in Torrance, California. He had his first piano lesson only a year back, and many would expect him to play a few rhymes and simple songs by now.

But guess what!

Evan can easily get through the first movement of Mozart’s eighth piano concerto, K246, and he’s just 5 years old!

Now that’s another child prodigy here! And Evan doesn’t play just at home. Here’s his first orchestral performance, posted recently:

Checkout his video.

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