Yamaha YPT keyboards vs. Yamaha PSR keyboards – What is the Difference?

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Want to know the differences between Yamaha YPT keyboards and Yamaha PSR keyboards!

Yamaha Beginner Keyboards

My son will soon be joining as a student in the Yamaha music school. I was wondering what would be a good keyboard for him. I have been reading good reviews about the Yamaha PSR keyboards but then further exploration revealed that there was another series by the name Yamaha YPT.

m-audio sp-2 sustain pedalCan anybody please let me know what are the differences between the Yamaha PSR and the Yamaha YPT keyboards? The written material on Yamaha’s official site for the PSR and the YPT series keyboards does not suggest any differences between these two series.

So I was wondering why Yamaha has retained both these series of entry-level keyboards.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yamaha PSR vs YPT Keyboards

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The Only Difference According to Yamaha
by: Las Vegan

Click to this link: http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/keyboards/digitalkeyboards/portable_keyboards/?tab=product_lineup&selected=457685_457682_&mode=compare

You will note that the only difference is that the YPT-240 comes with a power adapter, while the PSR-E243 does NOT. For the same sales price, go for the YPT-240.
Confusion opens to other preferences
by: Las Vegan

Yamaha’s PSR-E series and YPT series may be only different in the design technology used, as one commented elsewhere on this thread, or may only be the result of marketing to different countries, but, to Yamaha’s disadvantage, this varying of model designation certainly causes confusion to discriminating buyers.

As a professional buyer, I wanted to buy an entry-level keyboard from a wholesale distributor for my retail store’s local beginner’s market, and I have researched these two series and found no difference, whatsoever.

If Yamaha is listening, then my suggestion is get rid of the multi-labeling on similar models. Just look at Toyota’s Corolla, for example, it is the same name no matter where in the world you go; not confusing and easy to remember. That translates to more sales to consumers. Just KISS-keep it simple, salespeople.

Yamaha, FYI, in my market, your competitors (Kawai, Korg, Roland, and even Casio) are doing better sales than you. Go figure.
by: XL

The same applies to yamaha dgx and ypg keyboards as well. These come with more than 61 keys.
Yamaha YPT vs PSR series
by: Kranthi

Per Yamaha technical support person, although the feature set on both series are more or less the same, the technology used to design the keyboards are different. YPT series uses a technology that is out-dated by about 3-4 years. Hope this helps.
Yamaha YPT keyboard vs Yamaha PSR keyboard – What’s the Difference?
by: Fusion

I agree with the earlier post, but at the same time I don?t think Yamaha is considering changing their approach. This strategy of labelling their products across the YPT and the PSR series for different outlets/markets seems to work for them. Surprisingly, for a long time, Yamaha has just limited the number of keyboards in the YPT series to just 3 keyboards, which are more for the beginner players, rather than introducing any high end keyboard like he PSR 550, 710 or the 910 keyboards.
Yamaha YPT keyboard vs. Yamaha PSR keyboard – The Differences?
by: Paps

But how does it help the end-users? I mean why can’t Yamaha just concentrate on one of the series and get rid of the other one (in this case the YPT series) if they are almost the same. It unnecessarily creates confusion in the mind of the consumers. A model from YPT and the PSR will have almost the same features, so unless the buyer comes across this article, they will always have this uncertainty in their mind as to why they are named differently when they have the same set of features.
A Music Keyboard for Senior Players
by: Anonymous

I have had a Yamaha X4500 music keyboard for years. I am an intermediate player and would like a new music keyboard with the features I wish were on my current one;

1. One finger Diminished and Augmented chords
2. “Old fashioned” standards rhythms like the fox trot, waltz and blues & jazz that really sound like they should instead of so “funky.” The keyboard I have now has many automatic chords, but too few of them fit the 1930 – 1940 and older songs I like to play.

Are any of these music keyboards designed with seniors in mind?
Yamaha YPT keyboard vs. Yamaha PSR keyboard – Thanks for the info
by: Anonymous

Thank you man, this is the information I was looking for 🙂

I’m about to buy a Yamaha PSRE323 but I saw an YPT320 keyboard which looked similar and was a little more cheaper.

When I saw the descriptions and the pictures of both these Yamaha keyboards, they looked the same.

I was not sure about it, now that I read the info you posted on Yamaha YPT keyboard vs. Yamaha PSR keyboard, I understand why they have different names.

Thank you again 🙂
Yamaha YPT keyboards vs. Yamaha PSR keyboards – What is the Difference?
by: Suresh

Both, the Yamaha PSR and the Yamaha YPT series basically contain entry-level keyboards, and there is no difference in the features as such in these two series.

For instance, all the features on a Yamaha PSR e323 would be the same as on a Yamaha YPT 320, features on a Yamaha PSR e413 would be the same as on a Yamaha YPT 410 and so on.

Actually there is no difference except for some minor cosmetic differences.

So why is there this difference?

The only reason this difference exists is because it helped Yamaha to label these keyboards for different countries / markets.

Yamaha use to sell Yamaha PSR in certain countries and Yamaha YPT in certain other countries.

Not sure as of now if they are going to follow the same approach henceforth, or they might just stick to one series.


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  2. A Yamaha PSR 453 keyboard is also good and should sound as good as the YPT 400.

    Overall, it is hard to find a better value than a keyboard from the PSR Series. It has a good collection of affordable prices and excellent features. Looking at the Yamaha PSR Series Keyboards Price, these are definitely the keyboards to put into consideration when you want to play wonderful music.

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