Yamaha YPG-535: 88-key (semi-weighted) keyboard for beginners

The Yamaha YPG-535 is an 88-key portable grand keyboard with semi-weighted keys, loaded with lots of features. If you don’t have the budget for an expensive keyboard, then this is something that you could consider; it sits between a beginner electronic keyboard and an expensive digital piano. Excellent piano sound, LCD screen displays music, chords and scales. See PRICE on Amazon.

Yamaha YPG-535: Highlights

  • Number of Keys: 88, Semi-weighted, Touch Sensitive
  • Hundreds of styles and voices
  • Polyphony: 32 Note
  • Great features for songwriting
  • Useful Educational tools
  • USB connection for computer recording

Yamaha YPG-535: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: 88 keys. Comes with built-in speakers. 2 USB Ports. Educational tools
  • Cons: Not fully weighted keys (its semi-weighted and easier for beginners to play)

Who Is It For?

  • For serious learners & intermediate players who want an 88-key keyboard, who have been playing the piano-keyboard for a while now.
  • For serious learners who want an affordable 88-key keyboard
  • Anybody who wants a good but affordable keyboard
  • Use it for home practice, live performance, or for music production

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Yamaha YPG-535 Review

Yamaha YPG535 is part of the YPG series of keyboards; these include arranger keyboards with more than 61 keys and have built-in accompaniments. However, only the flagship piano in this series (DGX-660) has graded hammer like keys. Other keyboards, including this one, has semi-weighted keys, making it easier for beginners to play.

The Yamaha YPG535 has excellent sound quality, and comes with 88 keys, an LCD screen, and several more features that makes learning to play the a joy. You can also use the yamaha ypg535 to create music, thanks to the sequencer.

Assembling the unit is easy and the stand complements the overall look of the instrument. The several voices, styles, and features will encourage you to keep practicing and playing for a long time to come.

About the Keyboard Action
This one has 88-keys but they are not the weighted type. The Yamaha YPG-535 has the Graded Soft Touch (GST) action, which is much lighter compared to Yamaha’s other action – Graded Hammer Standard (GHS), Graded Hammer Effect (GHE), and Graded Hammer 3 (GH3).

This one has got the lightest key action. This is the action available on Yamaha’s most entry level keyboards. Experienced piano players should ideally opt for a Yamaha piano with GHE or GH3, as you tend to hear lot of clicking noise of the keys on a piano with lighter action (such as the YPG 535).

Having said that, there are many musicians who have played synth style keyboards for years and really don’t fancy fully weighted piano style keyboards. This keyboard is perfect for such music enthusiasts. The sound is good, is easy to operate and set up, and you get lots of features.

This is also perfect for beginners who wish to buy their first 88-key keyboard, but prefer lighter keys in the beginning.

Create Your Own Music
Besides the learning features and hundreds of beautiful sounds, it also comes with a 6-track sequencer to let you create your own music.

You can save your work by uploading to your computer, or store them on an external hard disk or thumb drive using the USB storage port.

USB Ports
The YPG-535 comes with two USB ports. The USB to Host port allows you to connect the keyboard to a computer and record or transfer MIDI messages. It also has a USB to Device port, which allows you to connect flash drives/USB flash memory to save recorded songs or to load downloaded data from the internet.

Good educational features
The YPG-535 comes with several educational tools that allows beginners to improve their knowledge of music.

The keyboard features a lyric and chord notation display, which allows you to see the music notation and hand placement for different songs – great for beginners and learners.

The keyboard also has Yamaha’s Education Suite (Y.E.S.) which has 30 to 100 different songs that you can learn to play.

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Yamaha YPG-535: Video Review / Demo

Here’s a video review of this piano:

Yamaha YPG-535 Features / Specs

Here are the key features of the 88-key Yamaha YPG-535 keyboard:

  • 88-key digital piano with Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch action (not fully weighted)
  • 500 voices, Hundreds of built-in auto-accompaniment styles (you can download more via USB)
  • Split and Dual voices for more variety of sounds
  • It comes with a pitch bend wheel
  • 5 types preset Master EQ
  • Has transpose option but no dedicated button for it, you need to access it via the function option and then select it from the menus.
  • Record your own music with the built-in 6-track sequencer (multitrack recording)
  • Backlit LCD shows musical notation, chord names, Lyric
  • Comes with 10W built-in speakers that are sufficient for home use, for performing you’ll need better sound quality in which case you can connect it to external amplifier
  • You can connect earphones for silent practice
  • Built-in Lessons for learning, though its not intended to replace a teacher. The available lessons can complement your learning (private or through a course)
  • It works on a 9v adapter, so in case you’re planning to take it to another country (say in Europe), you’ll need an 9V adapter that can be plugged into a 220V outlet.
  • USB & PC button for easy computer connectivity
  • Height: 30.5″ (With Stand), Width: 52.75″, Depth: 16.63″, Weight: 37.5 lbs.
  • Matching stand, Sustain pedal & Power supply are included

Yamaha YPG-535: Prices & Buying Links

Yamaha YPG-535 is a better keyboard compared to YPG-235 (more features) and if you cannot afford the DGX 660. The Yamaha YPG-535 is perfect for those who want a better 88-key keyboard but don’t have the budget for an expensive keyboard. Serious learners and Intermediate players are probably the best fit for this keyboard, though anyone can use it. If you are debating getting a piano then this is prefect while you wait. It has all of the functions for a piano, but less expensive; its great for kids’ lessons too.

For the price, there’s a lot of features that has been packed into this 88-key keyboard. Its a value deal for any aspiring piano player.

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