Yamaha YPG Keyboard Reviews – Portable 76, 88 Key Music Piano Keyboards

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Yamaha YPG Keyboard reviews: These are the best choices if you are looking for 76 or 88 keys and want all the features of an electronic music keyboard. These come with several voices, accompaniment styles, & features that you expect in an arranger keyboard.

Yamaha YPG Keyboards – Various Models

The two most popular keyboards in this series are the the Yamaha YPG-235 (76 keys) and the Yamaha YPG-535 (88-Keys) keyboard. There have been several models in this series but these two keyboards have stood the test of time. Both are great value-for-money keyboards, with several features that makes them a joy to play.

Lets take a look at these YPG models in detail:

Yamaha YPG235 76-Key Portable Grand Keyboard

Has a piano-focused sound set and comes with 76 graded soft touch keys, perfect for the beginner.
A USB port and interactive lessons are also included. Read more…

Yamaha YPG535 88-Key Keyboard

Here is a grand piano in a portable package and that too at an affordable price. It has a graded soft touch action that both beginners and pros can appreciate.
Comes with built-in interactive lessons and includes a stand, sustain pedal and power adapter. Read more…

World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bag for Yamaha YPG235

Here’s a bag that let’s you transport your YPG235 keyboard with ease to every gig or piano lesson.
You get adjustable strap and two zippered pouches in the front for carrying your keyboard accessories.

Yamaha SKD2 Survival Kit for Portable Yamaha Keyboards

If you want the best out of your Yamaha keyboard, get hold of the Yamaha SKD2 Survival Kit that comes with a Power Adapter, Foot switch and stereo headphones.

Every box contains keyboard accessories, DVD with tons of software, and lots more. You also receive a two-year extended warranty.

Overview of YPG Keyboards

yamaha ypg keyboardSounding fully arranged is one of the reasons music keyboards are so popular. You can just choose a style based on any musical genre and start playing the melody on top of it, and there you go. You will sound like a one man band!

You will have all the necessary arrangement to choose from, if you wish to create your own song. That is the power of an arranger music keyboard.

Now how about these same electronic piano keyboards with more than 61 keys? Does that sound exciting? You can play the piano on top of these beautiful arrangements!

What if you want to start learning the piano and don’t have a budget to get a good digital piano as of now? No worries! You may start on a 76-key piano keyboard. And what if you are looking for 88 keys on a digital music keyboard? You will get that too!

Yamaha YPG Keyboards is the series to look for!

You get 76 key as well as 88 key options and these come with a superb collection of built-in accompaniments.

The YPG keyboards come with piano style Graded Soft Touch (GST) keys, which are not exactly weighted but occupy that perfect gap between pure synth keys and weighted keys.

Are the YPG keyboards different from the DGX keyboards? No they are not!

Yamaha uses them for different markets and so in certain countries you may find the YPG keyboards whereas in certain other countries you may find the DGX keyboards. The different models of keyboards in these series may vary.

But if you like a particular keyboard from any of these series, just go for it.

Yamaha YPG Keyboard reviews

So which keyboard model is good in the YPG series?

You have a couple of options here!

The ypg-235 is a 76 key keyboard perfect for beginners and intermediate players looking for an inexpensive keyboard with more than 61 keys. The cost to features ratio makes the yamaha ypg235 one of the best-selling keyboards.

The yamaha ypg535 keyboard on the other hand comes with 88 semi-weighted keys and offers a much better sound, and more choices of styles/voices. It is also a bit more robustly built so experienced layers will like it.

Overall, the Yamaha YPG keyboards are great products for the price. Remember, you will not get the most authentic weighted keyboard action here, but then for the price it quotes that would be asking for too much.

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Best Yamaha YPG Keyboards

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