Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard – Which one is Better?

Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard!

Each of these piano brands has its own fan following and have strengths in their respective areas. I guess, only Yamaha has a wider range of products catering to entry level requirements.

But when it comes to synthesizers, digital pianos, and high end professional keyboards, Yamaha, Roland and Korg, each has products that catch people’s attention.

What is your preference?

What do you think is special or which feature do you find the most attractive in these brands?

In terms of quality, they all are great keyboard brands but how do you compare these brands individually?

I have been playing keyboards for over 15 years now and have owned these brands, and also a few others. As mentioned, they do have their own specific qualities, and that’s the reason each of these brands have existed for so long.

The very fact that these guys are competing with each other is a boon for us because they keep on introducing newer models which have better features and sounds at a price that keeps on getting slashed every year.

In my opinion, for stage use Korg and Clavia keyboards are the best, because they are much more user friendly and almost everything is editable. I guess that is the reason most professional use them more on stage.

The keyboards that you mentioned are more of arrangers, so have no views on them. But for stage instruments Roland provides better “real instrument” sounds in its factory presets whereas Korg has better “stage/synth” sounds.

I somehow never preferred the sounds of a Yamaha, though they have good all-around keyboards.

When it come to digital pianos, the battle is between Roland and Yamaha (Korg does not fit in there). I am only talking about their piano models, with beautiful piano sounds and almost perfect keyboard feel. I have been playing the piano for many years and these two brands have excellent acoustic piano sounds, and the quality of their weighted keys is far better compared to other brands.

Unlike Roland and Yamaha, Korg does not seem to have a lot of product offerings in the digital piano segment. Korg seems to cater more to instruments that are meant for the stage use.

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Here are some queries and answers that were forwarded by our readers.

Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard – Which one to Buy?
by: Nathan

I recently exchanged my old Yamaha DGX keyboard for a Roland EXR 7 keyboard, and I think Roland has some excellent sounds and features.

Its taking me some time though to get used to the various features, maybe I am used to the layout of Yamaha.

But I have seen professionals use mostly Korg, and very few use Roland and Yamaha onstage. I think Korg is the best when it comes to synthesizers.

Casio PX-330 better than Korg SP-250 as a digital Piano?
by: Garth

Casio PX-330 vs Korg SP-250 digital Piano!

I am looking forward to buy my first digital piano and would like to know any reasons for choosing the Casio over the Korg.

The things that I personally liked about the Casio Privia are that it is much lighter and offers higher polyphony.

I was equally inclined towards each of them but this article makes me tilt a bit towards Korg.

Any Suggestions on Casio PX-330 vs Korg SP-250 digital Piano?

Casio Privia vs Korg, Yamaha, Roland Digital Piano Keyboard
by: Peter

Just a note about polyphony! Usually, the more the polyphony the better it is.

But just because a digital piano keyboard has 60 notes doesn?t mean you get all of them while playing.

With most stereo digital keyboards and pianos, one note of polyphony is assigned to each stereo channel. So 60 notes would mean you actually get to play a maximum of 30 before notes are dropped.

The number could even be lesser, as some notes are assigned to other functions within the effects processor as well.
Korg SP-250 vs Casio Privia
by: Zubin

My personal preference is Korg SP250 over the Casio Privia. I am speaking not from a features perspective but more from experience.

The Casio privia pianos are much better digital pianos but in terms of refinement they are still not there yet. Maybe in the future they will.

I have experienced both the Casio Privia and the Korg SP-250 and I don’t think I have experienced any problem with polyphony on both.

Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard
by: Anonymous

Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard…

In the $600 price range, the Korg sp250 digital piano is the best choice if you like a piano feel. Yamaha p95 is overrated and Casio is too soft in keys.

Yamaha cp5 vs Roland rd700nx was a tough choice for me, and still is. I bought the Yamaha cp5 over the Roland rd700nx really because I got a better price and Yamaha stage pianos have a much better warranty…3 yrs.

That being said, Roland is easier to use. If price was equal for me, it’s a tough choice. You need hours with each to really get past the initial impression. You can’t really go wrong however. I’m still learning to finesse the Yamaha at this time.

Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard
by: eSynthx

Roland E-09 and Yamaha PSR are more of arranger keyboards so not exactly a digital piano type of thing.

In general, for pure piano sounds and keyboard touch I would go either with the Roland or the Yamaha, Roland preferably if it is going to be in excess of 2000 dollars.

For the beginner to intermediate players, they all have good models so it is more of personal preference. If you are looking for lot of orchestral sounds, then Yamaha Clavinova piano is good. If you are looking for more of synth type features, then Korg has some great products.

In general, amateurs and intermediate level musicians should go for Yamaha or Korg digital piano keyboard.
Roland the best
by: VUYO

I have Roland E09 and Yamaha psr 423. Roland is the best, the tones are real, features with shortcuts unlike Yamaha eg. the tranpose for these two Roland it is easy you can just hold but Yamaha you must search.
For Roland you must read the user manual otherwise you won’t approve its excellence. Roland E09 8/10 and Yamaha PSR 423 4/10

I have been reviewing Yamaha P95B, Korg 170 and Korg SP 250 pianos. I am planning to buy a piano keyboard for both my son and myself and we are beginners. I cannot afford to buy an acoustic piano since it is expensive. I have been looking at these and I am very tempted to buy the Yamaha P95B piano but I like the hammer action in the Korg sp 250 more and it is closer to an acoustic piano. I would like to know which of the three is the best and bang for buck? Is Yamaha p95b equally good as korg sp-250? – Suki (san francisco)

The Yamaha P95B is an improved version in terms of sound and touch in comparison to the earlier Yamaha p85 piano. About Korg sp250, I personally feel it’s an okay piano. Compared to the sp170, it doesn’t offer a lot more but is about 200 euros more. – Manas

The Yamaha P95 is a popular digital piano, especially for beginning students. I think its comparable with the SP170 which is also a great value entry level digital piano. But the korg sp250 has a much better key touch, responds like a much expensive piano. I think the only thing it lacks is an impressive look. – Eric

I would personally go with the Yamaha, but then I am favored towards the Yamaha because I have used several of their keyboard instruments before. But if you are a serious piano player and a fan of Yamaha then I would suggest you go for the Yamaha p-155. It is a far better piano in terms of sound and feel compared to the p-95, but then you pay a few hundred dollars more for it. Regarding the pianos mentioned here, I think it’s more of a match between the Yamaha p95 and the korg sp-250. Both are good pianos and if you have used any of the brands before you may be more in favor of that brand. Look-wise as someone pointed out, Yamaha looks a bit better than the Korg. But then that is true of most korg keyboard instruments, especially there arrangers which really look lousy but are one of the best in business. – Suresh

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What do you think? Yamaha vs Roland vs Korg Digital Piano Keyboard – Which one is Better?

  1. Reply
    Harry Paul December 13, 2016 at 7:43 am

    Yamaha psr s970 and Korg Krome workstation which is better?

    • Reply
      brendabeatty June 16, 2017 at 4:39 am

      Korg Kronos by a mile

  2. Reply
    Alex April 13, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Watch: KORG v.s YAMAHA v.s ROLAND v.s NORD Piano Sound

    • Reply
      Christopher August 29, 2017 at 9:42 am

      I love piano no 1 and it was NORD. Nothing beat the NORD.

      • Reply
        Pablo Kagioglu August 31, 2017 at 6:17 am

        Not a keyboard player, but could not agree more. The NORD had the best, most natural, less “synthy” sound.

  3. Reply
    Ramanuj Kumar July 25, 2017 at 3:30 am

    maine KORG ko bachpan men sir ko A R Acadamy Biharsharif men bajate dekhta tha, to state program men sare music genuine lagte the… khas kar ke CHORUS wala…..

    mujhe wo keyboard chahiye jismen chorus bahut achha ho…..

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