Yamaha S Series Music Synthesizers (S90 XS & S70 XS Synth Keyboards)

Yamaha S Series music synthesizer (S90 XS & S70 XS) keyboards, killer synthesizer combined with ease of use of a stage piano. Uses several sounds of Motif XS.

Yamaha S90 XS Synth Keyboard Review

Yamaha S90 XS The Yamaha S90 XS 88-Key weighted synthesizer keyboard is a powerful and great sounding board, with fantastic quality sounds, apt for stage or for studio. It doesn’t come with built-in speakers, sequencer and sampler though.

Good key action, Great for gigs & studio use

No speakers (but lightweight), Longer Learning curve

If you have always fancied the 88-key Motif but feel that its an expensive board, then here’s a good alternative. It uses the same engine and is suitable onstage as well as in the studio.

You may feel that it doesn’t comes with a sequencer and sampler, but then almost everyone does that on a computer, so why replicate it on a keyboard ad pay more for it?

There are very few keyboards out there that give you only specific things (not everything) and those specific things are really top class. The Yamaha-90 definitely belongs there. Known for its three-layer piano sound, it actually uses many sounds from the Motif. The 88 weighted keys with Graded Hammer Effect is something that piano players will really appreciate. It also comes with a SmartMedia Playback card, which you can use during live performances or just for your practice sessions.

Some of you may not like the fact that it doesn’t have built-in speakers, but then it also makes it more portable, and performers anyways use their keyboards with powered speakers/amps. It’s also good for its image as many think of it as a pro-keyboard.

It is definitely a great synth for performing and for creating music, but there is also a steep learning curve. You need to spend time learning the various functions and how to use it, to get the most out of the yamaha-s90xs.

Inspiring Sounds

Be it any genre of music, you’ll find inspiring sounds that will help you play/create great music. The Yamaha’s brand-new S6 concert grand piano and sounds from the Motif, 9 types of reverbs and the 22 types of choruses, gives you everything that you need to create great music.

Sing Along

Want to sing-along? Be it for lead or backup vocals? Just plug in a microphone and you can become a one-man band. You can also apply effects such as chorus or reverb to the vocals to make them sound better.

Record to USB thumb drive

It’s so convenient to record your recordings/performance, along with the vocals, on a USB drive without having to go through a computer. Just push “record” and you’re rolling, perfect for the singer/songwriter.

At Ease in the studio

Use it as a controller and as a remote control for remotely controlling the various playback functions as well as VST instruments within the DAW software (right from your keyboard).


Here are some more Features:

  • 88 keys with balanced hammer weighted action (has Initial and Aftertouch)
  • Comes with S6 handcrafted grand piano sample
  • Uses sounds from the Motif XS
  • Instant splits and layers with the new Performance Creator
  • Easy to use with several buttons for direct hands on control
  • Add vocals and guitars with the 1/4″/XLR Combo jack A/D input (comes with front panel controls)
  • 4 knobs, 16 backlit LEDs, and lots of buttons for direct hands on control
  • Performance Creator feature for instant splits, layers, and drum performances
  • Accepts USB memory devices
  • Direct-to-USB stereo audio record & playback
  • Voice Editor and Remote Editor software provides convenient, comprehensive computer control over all sounds, settings, and functions
  • Overall Ratings (4.5/5)

    Overall, this is a classy performance keyboard that has voices, arpeggios, and effects taken from the Yamaha Motif, and has a great piano-like feel.

    Buying Options

    1. Yamaha S90-XS on Zzounds ($2350 to $2450)

    Yamaha S70 XS Synth Keyboard Review

    Yamaha S70 XS 76-Key The Yamaha S70 XS 76-Key Weighted Synthesizer Keyboard gives you all the voices, performances, arps and VCM effects found on the MOTIF XS, but in an affordable package. It combines the sounds of the Motif XS, with powerful features and the ease of a stage piano. If you find 61 keys limiting in a synth, then this is the next best option.

    PROS: Easy to Use, Realistic Sounds, Responsive Action
    CONS: Heavy, No Speakers

    Best Place to Buy

    On Zzounds, Yamaha S70XS for $2250-$2350

    In addition to providing sounds from the Motif XS, you get features such as combo input jack for adding vocals and guitars and USB record/playback that makes this synth keyboard perfect for any stage or studio use. With the Performance Creator feature, you can quickly create your own performances. It also has extensive Controller functions that makes it a suitable fit in any computer based music production system.

    Who Is It For?

    Its highlights include convenient, real-time controls for adjusting the sound as you play, ease of use, and compact size and portability. Its perfectly suited for:

  • Providing accompaniment while gigging and for studio work
  • Performing and creating music
  • Players who want high-quality piano sounds and expressions
  • Casual players and hobbyists who want advanced features and easy playability

  • Yamaha S70XS
    Lowest Prices on Yamaha S70XS here…

    Gigging Machine

    The sleek look and low-profile design makes it easy to carry this gear around (weighs less than 50 pounds). The controls are intuitively laid out and clearly labeled, which is an advantage when onstage, the pitch and mod wheels are also easy to access. The large, super-bright LCD screen clearly shows all your selections.

    Weighted Keys

    The keys are fully weighted and feel like those on the high-quality pianos. They’re weighted just enough so that you don’t get fatigued when playing long and demanding sessions.

    High Quality Sounds

    Be it R&B, electronica, jazz, rock or any other genre, you’ll find the sounds for playing in that genre. The grand piano sample is straight out of Yamaha’s brand-new S6 concert grand piano. Add to that the various performances, arpeggios, and virtual circuit modeling effects, and you have plenty to play around.

    Plug in a microphone

    Want to provide lead or backup vocals? The Yamaha S70 XS provides an input on the back to plug in a microphone. You can even apply chorus or reverb to the vocals.

    Record to USB

    Just record your musical ideas on a USB drive and you can take it with you. It lets you record both the S70 XS sounds as well as the vocals from the plugged in microphone. Just push “record” and you’re rolling. Doesn’t get easier than that!

    Also Built for the Studio

    Use it as a controller for your favorite DAW software. The built-in DAW controls on the keyboard lets you remotely control playback functions on the DAW software. You can even control the VST virtual instruments from the S70 XS’s DAW Remote panel. This is in addition to the onboard recording feature available on the Yamaha-S70 XS.


    Here are the key features of this synth:

  • 76-key keyboard with Balanced Hammer Effect
  • S6 handcrafted grand piano sample and many Sounds from the Motif XS
  • Create instant splits, layers and drum performances with the Performance Creator
  • Several buttons for direct hands on control
  • Initial Touch, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend, and Modulation
  • Assignable Control sliders x 4, Assignable Control knobs x 4
  • Graphic backlit LCD display
  • 16 Internal Parts + Mic Input Part
  • 128-note polyphony
  • Presets: 1,024 normal voices + 64 drum kits, GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kits, User: 128 x 4 (Bank 1 — 3: selected and copied from Preset bank),

    Normal Voice + 32 drum kits

  • Master Effect: 9 types, Master EQ: 5 bands, 9 Reverb types, 22 chorus types, Part EQ: 3 bands, stereo
  • Headphone Jack, Microphone Input, MIDI I/O/T, L/R Outputs, USB
  • Includes Cubase AI software
  • AC Power cord, Owner’s Manual, and Owner’s Manual CD-ROM Included
  • Weight: 44.2 lbs.
  • Video Review

    Here’s video review of the Yamaha S70 XS:

    Here’s what one of the users had to say about this product:

    “I use this board for composing as well as performing. its easy to use and the sound quality is superior to anything I have ever played in this price. A few things to know: This thing is not as light as mentioned. If you want a stand you will need something that supports its weight and WILL NOT WOBBLE. There’s some learning curve on how to navigate through the voices and performance modes etc. But you should get a hang of it in a day or two, the manual is helpful and well written.”

    Overall Ratings (4.5/5)

    If you are an experienced musician who does lot of gigging & studio work, you definitely need a special instrument to make your music even better. With a range of sonic features and expressive playability, the Yamaha S70 XS could easily be that instrument for you.

    Buying Options

    1. Yamaha-S70XS on zZounds

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