Yamaha PSR s670 Keyboard Review

Yamaha PSR s670 Keyboard reviewed here. Looking for a reasoably priced, entry-level arranger workstation? The PSR-S670 comes with sleek looks, several new Voices and Styles, DJ functions, and more. The Yamaha PSR s670 Keyboard is a entry-level arranger workstation that will make you sound like a pro performer. See PRICE of Yamaha PSR-S670 on Amazon.

Yamaha PSR s670 Review: Entry-level arranger workstation

Yamaha PSR s670 reviewThe PSR-s670 is where you go past the plain arranger keyboard; you get instruments sounds and rhythms that are based on a wide variety of genres. Get ready to play all kinds of music, western, oriental, Indian, Latin, Chinese, and many more.

It’s also expandable, which means you’re not limited to using the voices that come built-in with the keyboard, you can add and use more audio samples, voices, styles, and drum kits.

Yamaha PSR s670: Pros & Cons

Good collection of styles & sounds, Top quality speakers, USB port. Realistic tones, especially the super articulated voices, are a joy to play. Its expandable, you can download ‘music packs’ from the internet.

Cons: Not all sounds are great. Doesn’t have very detailed sequencing options, for those who’re into synthesizing & studio recording. Some also don’t like the fact that the pitch bend wheel scrolls up and down (compared to sideways on other brands).

The LCD screen could have been bigger, but I guess that would have reflected on its price.

Who is it for?
This keyboard is particularly good for those who cannot afford the top-of-the-line PSR arrangers. This one has top quality sounds, you get the USB TO HOST and USB TO DEVICE ports for more music saving options. This is a good keyboard to create songs using the built-in songs, and also for gigging. It is also good for songwriting as it’s an arranger with several built-in styles.

Yamaha PSR s670: Review

If you have always owned a budget electronic keyboard, chances are that you have not experience what a good keyboard sounds like. With the PSR-S670, you get to exactly experience that feeling, and also you’ll appreciate why Yamaha keyboards are so much popular with the performing musicians.

This is more of an entry-level arranger workstation, meaning you have all the tools to make your own songs. Though the editing of the tracks may not be that flexible, but it is quite easy to lay down the tracks on the sequencer. And it’s a 16-track sequencer so you can come up with some pretty cool stuff. The built-in stereo speakers deliver a crisp output.

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When it comes to keyboards or for that matter any other musical instrument, price is usually an indicator of how good a keyboard is. For around eight hundred dollars, this is definitely much more than a beginner arranger keyboard.

The voices and styles are exceptional, the sounds reproduce the various nuances and articulations that are produced on most acoustic instruments. So if you’re looking for realism in your voices, you do get it here. The best part is that this keyboard is expandable, which means you can add additional sounds and styles from a variety of downloadable packs (you need to pay for them). These can easily be loaded via the USB interface on the Yamaha PSR s670.

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This is where you go past the plain arranger keyboard; you get instruments sounds and rhythms that are based on a wide variety of genres, and its expandable. With the PSR s670, get ready to play all kinds of music – western, oriental, Indian, Latin, Chinese, and many more, with some authentic and realistic instrument sounds and hundreds of rhythmic styles. These styles sound more realistic than ever before, and faithfully reproduce the nuances of various music instruments.

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Yamaha PSR s670: Video Demo / Review

Here are Yamaha psr s670 demo videos.

Key features of Yamaha PSR s670 keyboard

Voices on PSR-S670 keyboard

Styles on PSR-S670 keyboard

Recording feature on PSR-S670 keyboard

Yamaha PSR s670: Features & Technical Specs

Yamaha psr s670 features / specifications:

Yamaha PSR-S670 61-Key Arranger Workstation
List Price: $799.99
Price: $799.99
Price Disclaimer
  • 416 Voices (including MegaVoices), 34 Drum/SFX kits and 480 XG Voices
  • Authentic sampled sounds, superb acoustic and electric pianos, several electronic sounds suitable for today’s dance music
  • Intelligent Arpeggio function with instant access to a library of arpeggiated synth phrases and patterns
  • 230 Styles including a brand new DJ category
  • Two live controllers for instant control over effects and other functions, including filter, arpeggio and track mute
  • Expansion Memory – add new Voices, drum kits and styles for extra versatility and enhanced performance
  • Authentic Voices and Styles from around the world.
  • Scale Tuning: Choose one of the presets or create your own scale and play in custom tunings for specific historical periods or music genres.
  • Amplifiers: 15 W x 2, Speakers: 12 cm x 2
  • Built-in Audio Recorder/Player
  • AUX IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: L/L+R, R
  • USB: Connect directly to your computer with the USB TO HOST connection. Store your data via the USB TO DEVICE port.
  • Yamaha psr s670 manual

    Yamaha PSR-s670: Buying Links & Prices

    This keyboard does get inspiration and technology from Yamaha’s flagship product – the Tyros workstation. It is in fact a fully loaded arranger keyboard at a remarkably affordable price.

    Buying Options
    To buy or to find Yamaha psr s670 price, checkout these links:

    1. Buy Yamaha psrS670 on Amazon
    2. Buy Yamaha Psr-S670 on zZounds

    Yamaha Psr-S670 – 61-key Arranger Keyboard with hundreds of sounds and accompaniment styles, 32MB FlashROM Expansion, on-board stereo speakers, and MegaVoice Articulation Technology

    Read more on the Yamaha PSR keyboards as well as the Yamaha Tyros. Click here to read more on Yamaha keyboards.

    1. Reply
      Tom December 19, 2016 at 12:29 am

      Yamaha PSR S670 has real distortion guitar effects. I like this keyboard better than my Juno Di which I sold to buy the Yamaha PSR s670. The voice expansion function is good for adding new voices. The DJ function is quite cool. The best investment I’ve made since I bought my Roland Juno di. Mixing capabilities, sounds, presets, wide variety of effects, this keyboard has it all. Great for performance, but can be used for any recording need.

    2. Reply
      Bob January 8, 2017 at 12:25 am

      Actually, this keyboard provides a lot more than what I expected. Its available for much less than the PSR 770-PSR 970…you get almost all the same features and this one is much lighter. The voices and styles work nicely for providing accompaniment. I think the feel could be a little better, but besides that, there’s already so much to like it.

    3. Reply
      G Gardner February 3, 2017 at 11:02 pm

      Commendable and Praiseworthy Keyboard

      The Yamaha PSR-S670 has a wide range of sounds that replicate real instruments. For instance, the Aloha Guitar sounds exactly like an authentic Hawaiian guitar. Same for the Honky Tonk Piano. The organ sounds are also amazing. The PSR produces the real pipe organ sound including the pedals. You can actually hear the cathedral echo that real pipe organs are so famous for.

      The diversity of the Yamaha PSR-S670 is totally amazing! I’ve gone from Pipe Organ to Aloha Guitar to Honky Tonk and Grand Piano. You have the ability to add more sounds, through the expansion packs.

      The Yamaha PSR s670 also has powerful built-in speakers. Overall, a great keyboard.

    4. Reply
      PSRKeys April 10, 2017 at 9:37 pm

      Watch: Yamaha PSR-S670 vs Korg Pa300 vs Roland BK5

    5. Reply
      Ramnath June 7, 2017 at 12:21 pm

      Guys, I am looking to buy PSR S670 for my son. But I would like to have the advantages of PSR I455 in terms of South Indian Musical Instruments. Can anyone advice me the name of the expansion pack which covers all the unique South Indian musical instruments which PSR I455 has and can be accommodated in PSR S670?

      Thanks for your advice.

      Regards, Ramnath

      • Reply
        Dave June 8, 2017 at 9:18 pm

        The I455 is made for the Indian market and has several instruments and styles specific to Indian music. You can check here https://www.yamahamusicsoft.com/songs/style-files to see if there are Indian music packs available that you can use for PSR s670

    6. Reply
      Johnson Abu July 22, 2017 at 7:50 am

      It’s quite disappointing

    7. Reply
      Silvester Mulu July 24, 2017 at 2:31 pm

      Hi looking for keyboard memory card motherboard Yamaha PSR e423. Am in Mombasa, Kenya, Africa

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