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Yamaha PSR Keyboard series include arranger keyboards for beginners as well as professionals! These are one of the most popular 61-key keyboards available on the market, and have models that cater to beginners as well as to experienced musicians.

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Yamaha PSR Series: Arrangers & Workstation Keyboards

Here are the various models in the PSR series (each of these can be connected to iOS devices like iPhone and iPad):

Yamaha Entry Level Keyboards

Yamaha PSR E353 61-Keys

The psr-343 is a great entry level midi-keyboard with a built-in Sequencer. Close to 500 voices, 100+ styles, 100+ built-in songs; great for learning or for composing music. Read more…

Yamaha PSR E253 61-Keys

This keyboard doesn’t come with touch-sensitive keys, but is suitable for kids and beginners who want a board for fun. Playing and learning music is fun and also easy with this keyboard. Read more…

Yamaha PSR E453 61-Keys

This keyboard comes with some pro features and gives enough features to a novice to intermediate player. It is also quite useful for songwriting. Besides many voices and styles, you will find an on-board arpeggiator with 100 different patterns, real-time controls, USB port to connect to the computer, 6-track sequencer, melody suppressor, and more. Read more …

Yamaha PSR i455 61-Keys

The Yamaha PSR i455 is a 61-keyboard that, in addition to the several world voices and styles, includes several realistic Indian voices and classical styles, also includes several different raga-mode practice songs. Read more…

Yamaha Arranger Workstation Keyboard

Yamaha Arranger Workstations

Yamaha PSR series also include a range of arranger workstation keyboards that are more powerful than the models we mentioned here. Beginners, hobbyists or pros – all will appreciate the availability of Super Articulation voices, and many more pro features on these keyboards. Read more…

When it comes to arranger keyboards, there are not many players in the market, as compared to digital pianos, synth keyboards and keyboard controllers, where there are many manufacturers fighting against each other.

And when it comes to a brand that makes arranger keyboards across a wide price range, that targets both beginners as well as professionals, there is nothing that can beat Yamaha, especially their PSR series of arranger keyboards.

Yamaha PSR vs. Competition

When it comes to arrangers, the Yamaha PSR series has few competition!

First let’s have a look at the Casio CTK keyboards. The moment you say Casio, I’m sure there are people who will jump up and say that Casio is only for beginners and intermediate players, their sound quality sucks and so on.

To some extent it is true, but then Casio has always scored on the price front.You can’t beat them at that.

But when it comes to offerings that are targeted towards experienced players and professionals, Casio doesn’t have much to offer and Yamaha wins comfortably there.

yamaha psr, yamaha psr keyboard

Various PSR Models

Another major player is KORG, especially their PA series of arranger keyboards. Now they target a totally different segment than Casio, that is the professionals.

Korg’s PA series of arranger keyboards are well accepted among the music fraternity and they do have some excellent sounding keyboards out there. Here Yamaha series continuous to face tough competition from the Korg PA series.

In general, Korg is one of the major competitors of Yamaha and both of them have good products for professional music production.

But then, a Korg arranger keyboard generally tends to be expensive and music enthusiasts also do not have much choice in the intermediate level segment. Besides, Yamaha professional arrangers are known for their realistic sounding acoustic instruments, and also for the fact that they tend to be more user-friendly.

Recommended PSR Keyboards

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from a range of Yamaha PSR keyboards. Each has its own advantages.

Beginners looking for a decent arranger keyboard with 61 keys should consider either the yamaha psr-e253 or the yamaha psr-e353
keyboard. Both can be used by adults or you could even buy it for your child.

The psr-e243 keyboard doesn’t have touch sensitive keys though (it’s the entry level keyboard in the PSR series) whereas the psr-e343 has (in addition to several more features). A touch sensitivity keyboard is preferable for any serious keyboard playing. But if you find the price of psr-e343 on the higher side, then by all means consider the psr-e243.

Serious Beginners, Adult Beginners, Songwriters can consider the
yamaha psr-e433 keyboard, which comes with excellent sound quality and has several pro-features. It is an advanced keyboard compared to the psr-e243 and psr-e343 keyboards mentioned earlier.

Essential accessories like AC adapter, foot switch, and headphones are available as part of a survival kit for these psr-e series arranger keyboards.

Coming to high-end keyboards, what if you need an arranger keyboard that can be used for professional use, that is, for performance as well as music production?

In that case, you have a couple of choices!

The yamaha psr-s670 is an entry level arranger workstation that you may consider. Many features needed for pure professional use is missing but then it costs much less than a high-end arranger workstation.

The yamaha psr-s770 is a stylish high-end arranger keyboard that comes with excellent and realistic sounding voices/styles. You have the feature of USB audio recording and a mixing console for music production purposes.

A comparable keyboard, but with many voices/styles in the world genres such as Arabic, Khaligi, Greek, etc. is the yamaha psr-A2000. Will be appreciated by musicians who are looking for ethnic styles and voices in an arranger keyboard!

Lastly, coming to the high-end arranger workstation which is positioned just below the Tyros, is the equally popular Yamaha psr-s950. Professional musicians, who are keen to have the Tyros but find its price beyond reach as of now, can look forward to the yamaha psr-s950.

Useful Accessories

Here are some useful accessories to help you get the best out of your Yamaha PSR keyboard.

Survival kit for Yamaha keyboards
Want to enjoy your yamaha keyboard more? The survival kit comes with a Power Adapter, Foot switch, stereo headphones.
M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action for Keyboards
One of the best sustain pedals out there.
On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 61 or 76 Key Keyboards
Keyboard Dust Cover for 61 / 76 Keys.
World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench
A comfortable & foldable keyboard bench.
Yamaha L3C Attachable Keyboard Stand
Sturdy & well-designed keyboard stand.
Behringer ULTRATONE K1800FX
180-Watt, 4-Channel PA System, perfect for practice and performance.

Why Are PSR Keyboards Popular?

The Yamaha PSR electronic keyboards have been around for many years now and I myself have owned the PSR-420, PSR-520 and the PSR-550 models at some time in my life.

The Yamaha PSR is still one of the most popular electronic keyboard series in the 5-octaves or 61 keys category of digital keyboards.

The primary reason psr keyboards have been so popular for years is because of the quality of their sounds, even at entry level psr keyboards.

Besides, they have a huge range of models in the PSR series – meant for both beginners as well as pros.

At the entry level, they have the PSR-E keyboards for beginners and intermediate players. At the top end, you have some serious stuff like the PSR-S keyboards targeting the professional players.

In general, the best thing about a Yamaha PSR keyboard is:

  • Their superior sound – almost perfect sound. Be it the tone of an acoustic instrument or a synth sound, the quality is just too good.
  • Superb range of built-in accompaniments.
  • YES system – A comprehensive built-in music-teaching system for beginners!
  • Portable Grand button. When it is time to practice you just need to press this button and your keyboard will be set to a piano sound.
  • High quality built-in speakers.
  • The range of models they offer – whether you are a student or teacher, beginner or pro, you will find a psr keyboard which will meet your needs.
  • Yamaha Specific Benefits

    Almost all the Yamaha keyboards contain the standard musical keyboard features like:

  • Sounds, Accompaniments, Digital Effects
  • Sequencer – for recording your own music
  • Built-in Speakers
  • External Connectivity – Headphone, Pedals, MIDI, USB
  • In addition to the above features, you will find that Yamaha keyboards employ certain other features which are aimed towards learning and mastering the instrument.

    Anyone who is genuinely interested in improving his skills will find these features extremely useful.

    You will find these only in Yamaha keyboards. Those features are…

    Yamaha Education Suite (YES)
    This has piano exercises & lessons to train both your hands at various levels of complexity! There are enough built-in songs to help you hone your skills and it has a grading mechanism as well to grade your performance.

    Digital Music Notebook
    Library of popular songs, sheet music, music books, and riffs which you can download to your Yamaha keyboard!

    Get Online With IDC
    Get online and download learning stuff, by connecting your Yamaha keyboard directly to the Internet using the Internet Direct Connection (IDC).

    Performance Assistant Technology
    With this feature, anything that you play will be blended with additional notes to make it sound good.

    MegaVoice Technology
    Helps you capture the performance nuances of specific acoustic instruments; these are triggered by applying the correct force on the keys.

    Keyboard Accessories for Yamaha PSR Keyboard: You can use the standard keyboard accessories for your yamaha psr keyboard, if you wish to. A keyboard stand, keyboard dust cover, and a keyboard bag is something which you will need for your psr keyboard.

    Headphones and sustain pedal are optional. You can buy them if you wish to, though all the yamaha psr keyboards will have the option to connect these keyboard accessories.

    The Verdict: Experts and Consumers on Yamaha PSR

    Based on the reviews and comments on Yamaha psr keyboards, here are the Good and the Bad points:

    The Good

  • Highly regarded brand
  • Arguably the best range of arrangers in the market
  • Good accessories to complement them
  • The Bad

  • Some models seem expensive compared to other, similar models
  • Some models do not come with power-adapter
  • The Yamaha PSR Keyboard series include some of the best arranger keyboards available in the market. Known for their stunning sounds, this series has entry level portable keyboards that are meant to enrich and educate the beginners. At the higher end, the psr keyboards have some of the coolest arranger workstations for the performing musician.

    Where to buy Yamaha PSR keyboards online?
    Based on our research we’ve narrowed down the massive amount of choices you have to just 3 online stores:

    Where to Buy?

    1. A popular online store that offers all Yamaha Keyboards, and other useful music accessories.

    2. Another trusted online music shop that sells a wide range of musical instruments.

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