Yamaha PSR I-Series Keyboards (yamaha PSR i455, yamaha PSR i425)

yamaha psr i455 keyboard

Yamaha PSR i455 and yamaha PSR i425 61-key keyboards reviewed here. Now you can play a variety of Indian songs, including classical ones, thanks to the several Indian tones and classical styles

yamaha psr i455 61-key keyboard

Most electronic keyboards come with hundreds of voices and styles, based on world music. However, these keyboards offer more of Indian tones and styles. On these keyboards, you get several realistic Indian voices and Indian classical styles (tabla, tanpura, etc.).

Like other Yamaha keyboards, the Yamaha I-series keyboards are easy-to-use, have built-in speakers, can be connected to computer via MIDI, and has many more features. But the highlight of these keyboards is the Indian rhythms and tones, that are not available on any other Yamaha PSR keyboard.

yamaha psr i455 61-key keyboard

Some of the Indian style include Bhajan (for devotional songs), Bhangra & Boliyan (Punjabi), South-Indian styles, Rajasthani, Dandiya (popular folk music of Gujaratis), and Qawwali (popular in Arab & Muslim countries as well). Besides Indian styles, these keyboards include voices and styles from Mexican, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, and other genres as well.

The PSR-I455 also includes ten different raga-mode practice songs (Bilawal, Khamaaj, Bhairav, Kalyan, Asavari, Kalyani, Hamsadhvani, Mohanam, Hindolam, and Sankarabharanam) which will prove highly useful in instrument or voice training.

Yamaha PSR-I455 Keyboard

Hundreds of voices and styles, including 19 Indian voices and 26 Indian styles that are ideal for playing/accompanying Indian music. PSR-i455 keyboard’s Tabla and Tanpura can be set and played in exactly the same way as stand-alone instruments. The PSR-I455 also includes raga-mode practice songs that can be used for instrument and voice training.

Watch: Yamaha PSR-I455 Keyboard demo

6-track sequencer, USB TO DEVICE, pitch bend wheel and knob-type controllers for real-time control of various effects and patterns. Use the Yamaha PSR-I455 61-keyboard for studying, practicing, performing, or just for fun.

Yamaha PSR-I425 Keyboard

Hundreds of voices and styles, including 10 Indian Voices and 12 Indian Styles, and loaded with useful features like pitch bend wheel and control knobs for real time control over effects, filters, envelope generator and tempo. Super-realistic Cool! And Sweet! Voices.

Watch: Yamaha PSR-I425 Keyboard demo

The Yamaha I455 is a more recent version and comes with slightly better features (more voices and styles) compared to the Yamaha I425 keyboard. In case, you really don’t want more of Indian voices and styles, you may consider going in for the Yamaha PSR-E443 61-keyboard, which is similar in price and features.

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  1. Awsome keyboard this one. Here is a video to check Indian modified tones of this keyboard.

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