Yamaha PSR e443 Keyboard: Quality Sound & Top Features for a Reasonable Price

The Yamaha psr-e443 is a synth focus portable arranger keyboard and comes with 61-touch sensitive keys. If you’re looking for a keyboard that is a notch higher than most beginner keyboards, in terms of sound quality and the feature-set, then this is the keyboard to look for. and its not very expensive too, priced around 100 bucks more than most beginner 61-key keyboards.

With the Yamaha PSR e443, you get a massive selection of over 700 sounds including orchestral, percussion and synthesizer sounds. It also comes with hundreds of styles, built-in songs, effects and comes with real time control knobs (useful for live playing and in the tudio). This is where Yamaha starts providing some really advanced features, while still maintaining the cost at a reasonable level.

yamaha psr-e443 review

  • Pros: Advanced features, Pitch Bend Wheel & Control Knobs, built-in Arpeggiator, USB to Device, connectivity to iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
  • Cons: Starts getting a bit pricey (for beginners), Its not a pro keyboard (though it has some pro features)
  • Price: $200-$250

Compared to the PSR-e343, the Yamaha PSR-e443 provides som cool features like ‘PATTERN function to create your own grooves, Real-time synth like control knobs for adding instant effects. The basic functions like (Y.E.S.) learning system are retained. Its easy to use but has several professional features and a cool design.

You also get the bundled package, where, in addition to the keyboard, you also get headphones, keyboard stand, power supply, 6-Foot USB Cable and eMedia Instructional Software.

Here we take a look at the features in detail.

A new DJ pattern mode which lets you kind of remix music, you anyways get some cutting edge sounds from the dance floor. Two assignable controls, to which you can assign various functions, brings your music to life. You can call up different patterns, change sections, can mute tracks, break it down. With the control knobs you can control many more parameters.

The portable grand feature that sets the voice to the ultra-realistic grand piano sample (this has existed for many years now). You can also play other really cool voices. The ultra-wide stereo system makes this psr E443 keyboard sound huge. However, you can choose to listen to it through the optional speakers or the headphones, and it sounds equally impressive. You also have a suite of lessons that teach you how to learn to play.

buy yamaha psr-e443
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  • Over 700 high quality voices including Super-realistic Sweet! and Cool! Voices
  • Close to 200 Styles across a wide range of styles
  • 6-track sequencer to record your own songs
  • PATTERN function to create your own grooves
  • Control knobs for instant effects
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Music Database for quick keyboard setups
  • 4 Pads x 8 Banks Registration Memory for easy recall of your settings
  • iPhone/iPad connectivity

User Comments…

I like the keyboard but then the sounds are not outstanding. Some of them are good but sounds of guitar, electric guitar, etc don’t sound very real. The Piano sounds are comparatively better, but again not amazing. The adapter also has to be purchased separately. Maybe was expecting a lot at this price. – Mel

I am a teacher and i feel the Yamaha PSR e443 is a perfect keyboard for someone who’s really serious about playing the keyboard, and is willing to spend a bit more to get a better quality sound, and for the Yamaha brand. You can definitely find a cheaper keyboard to lean to play, but this one gives you lots of features plus it has a better built-in speakers. Actually, it has got some pro features and comes with several realistic sweet and cool voices, which alone actually is worth the price for me. The accompaniments cover almost all styles of music and now also include Mexican, Arabic, Indian, Brazilian and Chinese content. If you’re an adult (and can spend a bit more), go ahead and buy this one! You get too much by paying a bit more. – George

I own a Yamaha E433 model . Yesterday night by accident i hit the power cord between my KB and adapter. In the impact the cord got disconnected from my KB. After that when i click the power ON button, its not getting turned ON :(. I tested the adapter in a music shop and its working fine. So looks like some issues with my power socket on KB. I also opened the KB but could not visually spot any damage on the socket. I’m new to US. Somebody told me that repair cost will be a minimum of 75 dollars. Can u suggest me what is the best I can do here? Is there any exchange policy of used KB’s and buy a new one? – srilaya
You can take it to shop and even ask if they could upgrade to the PSR e433 for a hundred dollars or so. That would be a nice bargain instead of getting it repaired for 75 bucks. – Alfred

If you have always used a beginner keyboard then you’ll really find the psr-443 to be an advanced keyboard, because of the several features on offer. Overall, a great product and good sounds, the grand piano sound could have been better but then it is a sub 300 dollar product so no complains about that one. – KP

To Conclude

Overall, the Yamaha PSR-e443 keyboard is a great portable keyboard that gives you professional features at an affordable price.

It not only serves as a creative tool with the palette of voices and styles, it also inspires you to greater performance heights!

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