Best Yamaha Portable Keyboards

Best Yamaha Portable Keyboards: Most of these are perfect starter keyboards that beginners can use to learn to play the keyboards.

Popular Yamaha Portable Keyboard Series

Here are the popular Yamaha Portable Keyboard series:

  • Yamaha EZ Keyboards: 61 key arranger keyboards with lighted Keys. Suited to the beginner player.
  • Yamaha PSR Keyboards: 61-key and 76-key arranger keyboards. The low-end models are suited to beginners, whereas the high-end models are for experienced players.
  • Yamaha YPT Keyboards: 61-key keyboards for beginners.

The entry-level keyboards in these series are the cheapest that you can buy. However, bear in mind, that the lowest models in this series, though cheap, do not have touch response feature. Touch/velocity response is a feature that makes your keyboard respond to how hard the keys are pressed. Press the keys harder and you get a louder sound. Unless budget is really a constraint, its’ recommended that you buy a keyboard with touch sensitive keys.

While the Yamaha portable keyboards like those in the Yamaha PSR series are extremely popular among buyers, Yamaha also manufactures a few more series that con be considered as portable keyboards; these series have more than 61 keys.

One issue with the series mentioned above is that the keys on those keyboards are not weighted. While they are great for learning to play the keyboards, piano teachers recommend that you use a keyboard with weighted keys if you are really serious about learning to play the piano (lighter keys are not really recommended). With weighted keys, students can develop proper piano playing techniques right from the beginning. However, keyboards with weighted keys cost more.

Here are the series which includes Yamaha portable grands.

Similar to the PSR and YPT keyboards, DGX or YPG keyboards are also similar. In certain markets (geographical locations), Yamaha promotes one series, whereas in other markets, it promotes the other series.

Intermediate level players should consider buying a portable grand keyboard rather than a cheap, PSR model. The top grand keyboards like the DGX-660 feel like a piano, have more keys (allows you to learn more songs/styles). If you have learnt to play the basics and are sure about furthering your keyboard/piano learning, it makes sense to invest in a good model with better features and sounds.

Then there is one more series of keyboards that you may consider, if you’re looking for a portable yamaha keyboard.

Yamaha NP: These are more of portable practice pianos, but lightweight and affordable. Here the focus is more on the piano sounds (and less on all those extra features).

If you’re looking for better pianos (better keys, better sounds), take a look at the Yamaha P series portable pianos.

Yamaha Portable Keyboards: Guide

Yamaha portable keyboards are affordable, lightweight, and come with everything that a beginner needs to enjoy playing music, as well as make music. Yamaha Portable Keyboards come with several built-in songs and also has recording functions. More useful features include Yamaha Education Suite learn-to-play functions, besides the several voices, styles, effects, and songs. In general, the more you pay, the better the keyboard gets, in terms of features and sound quality.

Almost all the Yamaha portable keyboards come with the Yamaha Education Suite, which includes a series of lessons which is a great aid for learning how to play.

The Yamaha portable keyboards above are great for beginners to start learning the keyboards, have some fun, and also to check if they really like music. These should keep beginners occupied for a few years, after which they should consider investing in more expensive keyboard models.

Yamaha Portable Keyboards For Professionals
Yamaha portable keyboards for professional include the top arranger models from the Yamaha PSR series. These keyboards use top notch sound samples, have excellent built-in speakers, and offer many more features for the performing musician. These are great for “one man bands” in particular.

There’s also a huge difference in price between the beginner keyboard models (mentioned earlier) and these pro keyboards.

You can also choose from the portable Yamaha synthesizers, such as the Yamaha MX series, if you’re interested in music production capabilities.

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