Yamaha Portable Keyboards: How to Use Songs and Recording Functions

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Yamaha Portable Keyboards come with several built-in songs and also has recording functions. Learn how to use them…

Another interesting feature on any Yamaha digital keyboard is their collection of Songs and the Song recording feature.

Along with the several Voices and Styles that are available on Yamaha music keyboards, you will also find several built-in songs, plus you also have the ability to add your own songs on your keyboard.

The purposes of these songs are many!

You can listen to these songs and get entertained and at the same time appreciate the sound quality of your keyboard…

or you can play along if you have been taking piano keyboard lessons for some time.

or even if you have just started taking piano lessons, you can still learn these songs using the Yamaha education suite, which is Yamaha’s built-in keyboard lessons

Video showing how to use songs and recording functions on a Yamaha keyboard

What Songs are Available

There are many songs and could vary depending on the Yamaha keyboard model that you have bought. On some models, you could find more than hundred.

As with the Voices and Styles the songs are grouped under various categories for easy recall. You can find categories like Top Picks, Classical melodies, Traditional melodies, piano solo, piano ensemble, User songs, etc.

Amazing Grace is one song that you will find on almost all the Yamaha portable keyboards.

Yamaha Portable Keyboards, Recording Songs
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How Does it Work?

Listening to the songs is very easy, and there are a couple of ways to use this feature.

You can either use the dedicated DEMO button, which is available on your keyboard, which will play all the built-in songs in sequence, one after the other.

Just sit back and enjoy. With the press of a button, your keyboard will entertain you with all the songs.

When looking for a new Yamaha keyboard, the easiest way to check out its capabilities is to hit the DEMO button. Usually the built-in songs use the voices and styles of that particular model itself.

But if you want to hear a specific song, then you need to enter the number of the song. As with Voices and Styles, songs are also accessed using the Song button. Just enter the number of your song or use the plus and the minus buttons to select your song.

Recording Your Own Song

Yamaha keyboards also let you store your own recorded songs. These are stored under the category “User Songs” mentioned above.

Recording a song is very easy.

You just have to press the Record Button, which enables the Record mode, and then it will record whatever you play.

You can set ON the metronome (if you wish to) and start playing. Once you are done playing you can hit the STOP button, in which case the keyboard will start writing/saving your song in the memory.

If you want to hear back your recorded song, you just have to hit the START button.

You can record anything – you can either play solo, or you can select your favorite style and then play on top of it. Your song will be recorded and save on the Yamaha keyboard.


Besides getting entertained, the song recording feature on Yamaha electronic keyboards is an excellent way to practice as well, especially if you don’t have your piano teacher around to point out your mistakes. You can even learn these songs at your own pace with the built-in education suite. So go ahead and use this feature to the fullest on Yamaha portable keyboards.

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