Yamaha Pianos: Explore their Digital & Acoustic Piano Series

Yamaha Pianos: Review of their digital and acoustic piano series that includes beginner pianos as well as premium pianos.

Wide Range of Pianos

Yamaha manufactures a wide range of pianos. So when you start looking for one, expect to find pianos of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Most people like Yamaha because of its brand, musical features, and sound quality and because of the simple fact that they produce nothing but the best when it comes to musical instruments, especially keyboard instruments.

Popular Artists: Some of the popular names in the music world, who play Yamaha piano include:
Elton John, Norah Jones, Bob James, Hiromi, Dan Layus

Digital Pianos

One doesn’t really have to say anything about the popularity of this brand. Yamaha keyboard instruments continue to be popular because of their innovative products, brand trust, expressive sounds, and acclaimed piano touch. And taking about their product offerings, Yamaha has something on offer for the absolute beginner, as well as for the concert pianist, and for everybody in between. Their offerings consist of keyboards, digital pianos, acoustic pianos, and even hybrid ones.

Here are the major product categories from Yamaha.

Yamaha NP Piaggero

Yamaha NP Piaggero: Portable 76-Key Pianos

These are entry level digital pianos. If you are looking for a good practice piano, and don’t want to buy a keyboard, then these are good alternatives.
Read more…

Yamaha P Pianos

Yamaha P Series: Excellent Portable 88-Key Pianos

Excellent portable pianos for practice at home, or school or for the church, or for playing onstage. It doesn’t come with all the fancy features, styles and effects. You just get real piano sounds and an excellent piano touch. Read more…

Yamaha CP stage Pianos

Yamaha CP Series: Pro Stage Pianos

Yamaha CP series electric pianos are top notch stage pianos that feels just right, has full hammer action, is easy to use, and comes with an intuitive layout. Read more…

Yamaha ARIUS YDP Home Pianos

Yamaha Arius YDP: Upright Pianos

Yamaha Arius YDP series include top class upright pianos that not just sounds and feels great, but also looks like an expensive piano that will suit the surrounding decor. Read more…

More Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Clavinova

Yamaha Clavinova – CLP & CVP Pianos

Wide range of grand pianos, which are incomparable when it comes to beauty and musical range!

Yamaha Grand Piano

Grand Pianos

Wide range of grand pianos, which are incomparable when it comes to beauty and musical range!

yamaha upright piano

Upright Pianos

Again, a wide range of models that are designed to meet the requirements of pianists at all levels.

yamaha disklavier

Disklavier Pianos

Digital technology built-in along with acoustic sounds! You can record and play back your performances along with other recordings and songs.

Yamaha SILENT Pianos


Easily lets you switch from the acoustic sound to the digital mode that can be heard on stereo headphones.

Yamaha Pianos: Guide

Yamaha Sound & Feel
Yamaha’s extensive experience in making fine acoustic pianos also helps them to create the ultimate digital pianos. Because of their extremely high quality, Yamaha digital pianos are used by leading international artists and by young prodigies who take part in International Piano competitions.

Yamaha Pianos, Yamaha Graded Hammer Piano

And it is not that they produce just top of the line pianos. Yamaha is one of the very few brands that have a very wide range of pianos, including portable and upright pianos, to cater to a wide range of musicians.

You can get a budget Yamaha piano with the basic set of piano sounds, or you can go in for an ensemble with the grand piano look. A Yamaha piano combines the best features of an acoustic piano with the flexibility of a digital instrument.

Some of the popular Yamaha pianos include the portable P-series and the Clavinova models. The CP-series models are preferred by a lot of gigging musicians & professionals because of its power.

Yamaha Piano Action
Most brands have their own unique way of naming the key action (relevant to digital pianos).

Every brand tries to get the best piano key action on their Digital pianos, and based on the cost, the feel of the keys varies.

Read more here to learn about the key action on Yamaha Pianos.

Useful Read

yamaha digital pianoDigital Pianos
Digital Pianos with full-sized keyboards, acoustic like sound and much compact! Ideal for students as well as experienced players for home, school or at the church.

yamaha stage piano Stage Pianos
Includes portable 88-key pianos for practice as well as professional pianos for studio and stage!

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