Yamaha Piano Price: How Much Would It Cost You to Own One?

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Yamaha Piano Price. Here’s how much would it cost you to own one of Yamaha’s pianos.

Here is a ballpark estimate of the various Yamaha digital piano prices to help you choose your piano.

Though deciding that you need a piano is the first step, you also need to decide on a few more parameters for you to zero-in on the right model.

The Yamaha digital piano price would wary significantly depending on whether you need a portable stage piano or a Yamaha Clavinova.

Yamaha piano price, Yamaha piano prices

The Yamaha Piano Prices will vary considerably depending on whether you want:

  • A basic stage piano
  • A stage piano with live performance features
  • A piano available in an attractive cabinet
  • A piano that has built-in musical styles
  • Yamaha Pianos – Price Ranges!

    So here we go…the approximate yamaha digital piano prices (in US Dollars)!

  • Yamaha Stage Pianos Prices
  • Budget stage pianos, which include hammer action keys and basic set of sounds, can cost around $300. For example, the NP-30!

    If you are looking for something to be used for on-stage performances, you can have a look at the professional CP series, which can go as high as around $2000.

  • Yamaha Digital Piano Cost
  • These digital pianos are available in attractive cabinets and some of the models also have built-in musical styles. The Yamaha YDP digital pianos can cost you around $1000 to $2500 depending on the model you choose.

    Summary – Yamaha Digital Piano Prices

    Before you make up your mind to buy a particular model, spend some time reading the various Yamaha piano reviews on this site. You should also try to look for the Yamaha piano price online…as you may get some attractive prices online; and maybe some freebies as well.

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