Top Yamaha Pedals for Piano Keyboards Reviewed

yamaha foot pedal

Yamaha foot pedals for piano keyboardsTop Yamaha Piano Pedals, including 3-Foot pedals. Popular Yamaha pedals for piano keyboards (like the FC series) and other sustain pedals reviewed here.

Yamaha not only makes great keyboards, they also make good piano keyboard accessories including a range of sustain pedals for keyboards – both single pedal as well as 3-foot pedal.

Popular Yamaha Pedals

Two popular and efficient sustain pedals from Yamaha include:

Yamaha LP7A Keyboard Foot Pedal Unit
These are designed to work with the Yamaha DGX-640/650 models.

Yamaha LP255WH Electronic Keyboard Pedal
As the name suggests, this sustain pedal is designed for the Yamaha P-255 piano.

Yamaha FC7 Volume Expression Pedal
The FC7 allows you to adjust the volume and even the effects of your instrument, you can accent certain parts of a performance.

Yamaha FC4A Piano style sustain pedal
The FC4A is a piano style pedal that comes with half-pedaling feature and is suitable for most Yamaha digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, and stage pianos.

Yamaha FC3A Piano style sustain pedal
The FC3A is similar to FC4A but has more features. It allows fine tune sustain and other continuous controller functions, based on foot pressure. Features half-pedaling feature and is a piano style pedal suitable for most Yamaha digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, and stage pianos.

The FC3A and FC4A are known to work with other brands of keyboards as well, not just Yamaha keyboards. You may use it with any keyboard that has a polarity switch. These Yamaha pedals grip the floor nicely and does not slide all over the floor when you play. Its designed to work and feel just like an acoustic piano’s sustain pedal.

These can also be utilized as FS controller for synthesizers, tone modules and drum machines.

Yamaha FC5 Compact/Box sustain pedal for portable keyboards
The Yamaha FC5 is a simple box style foot pedal suitable for most beginner keyboard players. Its inexpensive, can be used with tone-generator-modules and drum-machines, and is not limited to use with just digital keyboards.

Option to Choose 3-Foot Pedal

Piano players and music students, if you are not comfortable with a normal sustain pedal can choose to go in for three foot pedals, similar to what you find on acoustic pianos.

A model to consider is the Yamaha LP7A three-foot pedal which is compatible with the DX, YPG and the P-series pianos.

You get the usual damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals for controlling the expressive effects. Some pedals also include half damper effect for a more realistic control over the sustained sound.

Why Use a Sustain Pedal?

Playing with expressions is an important aspect of playing the piano. A Yamaha sustain Pedal is a Yamaha keyboard accessory which is used to sustain notes, while your hands are busy playing.

A useful feature to have especially when all your 10 fingers are on the keyboard! You use the Yamaha keyboard sustain pedal with your foot, mostly the right foot.

Why Use a Yamaha Keyboard / Sustain Pedal?

First and foremost reason is that Yamaha is a trusted brand and known for their excellent quality.

Besides, you don’t have to use these pedals only with Yamaha keyboards / pianos; you can used it with any other piano-keyboard brand.

In terms of quality, be rest assured about the Yamaha brand. Here are things that you can expect from a yamaha foot pedal.

  • A Yamaha sustain pedal responds readily
  • It helps you to get a natural sustain while playing the digital keyboard / piano.
  • Some other foot pedals will let you accent certain parts of your piano performance
  • Some of the foot pedals have a continuous zone that allows for different types of sustain

yamaha foot pedal

Final Thoughts on Yamaha Foot Pedals

Sustaining the notes is an important aspect of piano playing, and you need a good keyboard sustain pedal for that. Yamaha has some really good foot pedals / sustain pedals that you can consider (including a three pedal system). Don’t forget to check online for best prices on Yamaha sustain pedal.

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