Yamaha p155 Digital Piano Review

yamaha p155 88-key digital piano with weighted keys
Yamaha p155 Piano

The Yamaha p155 Digital Piano is a perfect board for home use or for performing on stage, the Yamaha P155 combines concert grand sound with digital piano portability. If you’ve played on the lower version pianos in the p-series, this one is definitely going to feel a lot more robust and much more like the real thing. The keys are excellent and the sensitivity seems even across all 88 keys. If you are okay to spend a bit more, this one is definitely worth it compared to the other p-series pianos.

Yamaha P155 – Pros & Cons

  • Pros – Realistic Sound, Good Action, Sturdy
  • Cons – Internal speakers are not very powerful, sequencer has limited capability allowing only three performances

Yamaha P155 Review

If you want a serious piano, with excellent sound and touch, the p-155 is the one to look for. Its better than the p105 in terms of the weighted keys (this one has GH, which is better than GHS). It looks great and has a sturdy feel in case you’re considering gigging with it. The touch of the keyboard action can also adjusted.

And in-spite of being a performance grade piano this one comes with built-in stereo speakers, which you can use for smaller venues. You have an options now to leave the amp behind, in case you wish to. However, it does sound great, especially with headphones or external speakers.

Want to use it as a gigging piano? Just remember that you cannot save your own performance settings, like touch, effects and brilliance, per patch. For a performer it can be a bit annoying.

Its easy to play, just start the piano and its ready to be played. It has excellent dynamic and responsive sounds, great piano and rhodes sounds, minus all the synths & related features.

Who Is It For?
If you are a piano teacher or a performer, you are going to like this one as its one of the best digital pianos, with a feel and sound that is very close to the real one.

This one is not an ensemble and doesn’t come with built-in styles, for those options you have to look elsewhere (DGX or the YDP Arius). Those looking for a piano only for onstage performances should also explore the CP series for their better onboard effects.

For pure piano performance, this one is a superb instrument.

Yamaha P-155

Recorder, Ins / Outs
The 2-track recorder is a good features to have to record your own songs, you can even use it for better practicing (you record and then hear which sections can be improved). Most other digital pianos have 6-track or even more-tracks sequencer, but that is because they come with hundreds of voices and built-in accompaniments; a 2-track sequencer will be limiting for such keyboards.

Most comparable pianos have a polyphony of just around 100 whereas the P-155 comes with a polyphony of 128 notes (the more the better).

You also get lot of connectivity options. In fact you have almost all the inputs / outputs that you would need for MIDI (USB), headphones (2 jacks), sustain pedals, you also get two 1/4″ line outputs to connect external sound sources/MP3 players.

The Yamaha P155 is an improved version compared to the Yamaha P105, in terms of the overall sound quality. The P-155 sound samples are taken from Yamaha’s renowned CFIIIS concert grand piano, and it makes use of a 4-level piano sample. Depending on how hard you strike the keys, you will hear one of four piano recordings; most comparatively cheaper pianos use fewer samples.

And you just don’t get the piano sounds, the p155 gives you excellent sounding electric pianos, organs, vibraphone, strings, harpsichord,

clavichord, choir, guitar, wood bass, electric bass and bass and cymbal, overall a total of 17 voices.

In addition, you also get the option of layering and splitting, which means you can come up with even more interesting sound combinations. Piano, layered with strings in a popular combination (sounds heavenly). Another popular option is the bass / piano split where you have electric bass for the left hand and piano for the right (useful for jazz or any other style).

Competition Check
For a lower budget, you may choose the Yamaha P105, good key action but doesn’t sound as good as the P155.
For more pro features, you may consider the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano.
Yamaha YDP142 and Yamaha YDP V240 are other options if you want something in the classic design.
Casio Celviano AP-420 is a good option in upright classic design.
Roland F-120 is another good option if you’re a roland fan.

Yamaha P155 Specs

Here are the key features of the Yamaha P155:

Keyboard: 88 keys, Graded Hammer (GH)
Damper resonance
Polyphony (Max.): 128
Voices: 17, Reverb: 4 types, Brilliance: 3 types, Effect: 4 types
Dual and Split
Scale Tuning Types: 7
Song Recording: 2-track recording/playback, 3 user songs
Preset Songs: 7 Demo Songs, 50 Piano Preset Songs
Jacks & connectors: MIDI IN/OUT, Headphones: 2 (stereo 1/4″ jack), Sustain Pedal, AUX Pedal
AUX OUT (Variable): L/L+R, R (1/4″ jack)
USB-to-Device song data storage

The package includes:

Sustain Pedal (FC4 Foot Switch)
Music rest
Owner’s Manual
Quick Operation Guide
AC Power Adaptor (PA-301)

Yamaha P155 – Video Review

Here’s video review of this piano:

The hammer action feel of the keys is very good to excellent, and perhaps offers even more resistance than some acoustic pianos. Feel is another matter, you won’t mistake these keys for those of an acoustic, but it’s pretty good. The feel of the keybed is very good.

Yamaha P155 – Price & Buying Options

The Yamaha P-155 is a great piano with excellent keyboard action and sound samples. In fact the sound is a lot better when heard through good headphones or external powered speakers. Sturdily built, and can be used for gigging, studio use or for performance.

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  1. I tried my hands on 3 different digital pianos before buying the P-155.

  2. Incredibly authentic grand piano sound. Best in class digital piano if you are concerned about learning to play correctly.

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