Yamaha P115B digital piano review: Portable piano with weighted keys

buy Yamaha P115B Digital Piano The Yamaha P115B digital piano is your opportunity to own a top-class piano from Yamaha’s popular P series of pianos. Not only does the P115B has top class sounds and piano feel, you also get several rhythms to help you with your practice. The piano features GHS weighted action keys, grand piano sounds, 14 voices, built-in drum rhythms, split mode and more. Great piano for the serious student. See PRICE of Yamaha P115 on Amazon.

Yamaha P115: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Trusted brand. Weighted keys. Built-in speaker system. Simple app operation.
  • Cons: Experienced players will find the sound quality okay. Affordable beginner piano.

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Yamaha P115: Review

If you have wanted to buy a piano but stayed away from it, thinking of its size and space it will occupy in your home, you will find that the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano is an exception. It is compact and ideal for a home setting, a home-studio or stage use. It is yet another piano from the famous P-series.

You will love playing on the P115B because it is user friendly and is packed with improved features and sound quality. It is technologically in tune with the needs of people today and lets you get connected to your ipad or computer easily. It offers more styles and control over functions. If you are looking at something that sounds great and comes with a load of features, Yamaha P115B is the best choice for you.

Keyboard action
The Yamaha P115 piano uses Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action. Its heavier in the lower actaves and lighter in the upper octaves, and great for beginners who’re learning the piano.

Although its weighted, the feel is not as good as that on Yamaha’s high-end pianos, but that’s expcected considering this is a budget piano.

Sound of a real concert grand piano
Yamaha P-115 features the CF sound engine, which re-creates the sound of their famous CFIIIS concert grand piano. So like most Yamaha pianos, you can expect this piano to have a nice palette of sounds.

Voices & Rhythms
The P-115 has a variety of voices – pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, bass and more (can be enhanced by the reverb effects). It also comes with Pianist Styles; just play the chords in your left hand and the Pianist Style (with 10 types of Styles) will provide lush accompaniment patterns.

Although the P-115 doesn’t come with hundreds of styles, you do get on-board drum rhythms that are quite helpful for practice. There’s a variety of rhythm patterns to choose, from basic rock to shuffle and swing beats.

The Yamaha P-115 digital piano has its own app for iOS, and an elegant touch screen controller, that makes getting to the features of the P-115 simple.

Yamaha P115: Demo / Video Review

Yamaha P115: Features & Specs

Here are the main features of Yamaha P115B Digital Piano:

  • Has GHS weighted 88-key action (heavier in low end and lighter in high end).
  • 192-note polyphony ensures that notes are heard clearly, even when you use dual and split mode with a drum pattern
  • Has pure CF sound Engine with state-of-art sampling technology. Includes the sound of Yamaha’s renowned CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano. Onboard sounds include grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, keyboards, and other acoustic instruments
  • Has 10 pianist styles that make simple chords an exciting accompaniment, it provides a built-in duet partner that plays along with you
  • 14 built-in drum patterns for better practicing
  • Built-in 14-watt, 2-way, stereo speaker system, tweeter position improved. You can play via headphones too
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control EQ automatically adjusts your volume setting to ensure the absolute best tone at any playing level
  • Assignable Split Voice lets you choose 2 sounds and assign them to either the right or left hand
  • Dual Voice mode allows you to layer 2 sounds together
  • Less slippery matte finish of black keys

    buy Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

  • You can attach powered speakers for live event or parties thanks to the AUX Out Jacks
  • Connect it to a computer or iPad with the USB to Host port
  • Free Digital Piano Controller app that allows you to control many functions of P-115, right from your iOS device
  • 3 year warranty parts/labor when purchased from an authorized dealer
  • Ability to sound like two players by enabling you to play the chords with left hand and your right hand is free to play other chords.
  • USB port sends MIDI to your computer or iOS device

Yamaha P115: Buying Links & Pricing

The P-115 digital piano is the latest entrant in the best-selling P-Series, and has even more user-friendly features and improved sound quality. Available in black or white finishes, the P-115 delivers Yamaha piano touch and tone in a compact design and is ideal for home, home-studio or stage use.

Buying Links

From time to time, dealers may sell this piano as a bundle that may include a pedal, stand, etc.

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    Alex November 10, 2017 at 11:03 pm

    The sounds are good, the speakers are powerful, has two headphone outputs, but the included pedal is not good. I also purchased L85 stand with a pedal unit. It works ok, but the triple pedal unit is made of plastic and one of the pedals creaks.

    The music stand is not quickly detachable, once it’s attached it’s difficult to pull it back. Thing to note in case you need to travel with the Yamaha P115.

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