Yamaha P105 88 Key Digital Piano Review

Yamaha P105 88 key digital piano

The Yamaha P105 88-key digital piano is a simple yet elegantly designed piano with excellent sounds and keyboard feel; perfect for the serious learner and for piano practice. It comes with drum patterns and pianist styles (and not with hundreds of accompaniments if that’s what you are looking for).

Easy to Use, Excellent key Action, Realistic Sounds

Fewer accompaniments


Who Is It For?

  • Anybody who wants to seriously learn to play the piano, and is looking for an 88-key piano with good sound and feel.
  • Those looking for a portable performance piano with excellent sound and feel, to be used on stage, in the studio or at home.
  • Competition Check
    At this price range, you have options from other brands as well, such as from Casio, Williams & Korg. No doubt the Yamaha p-105 is a good piano, but if you’re looking for more choices, here are some.

    First is the Yamaha DGX640, which is an excellent piano but also has several arranger like features, including styles. If you’re not interested in the various styles & voices, you can consider the simply designed Korg SP280 piano that has excellent piano sounds & key touch. Another value-for-money option is the Williams overture piano & the Casio px-150 piano.

    Yamaha P105 88 key digital piano

    More Benefits
    Its lightweight and quite portable, and that coupled with the excellent piano sounds, make it well-suited for the gigging musicians as well.

    Fuel your creativity with fun and inspiring performance options

    The cool drum grooves / piano styles are fun to play with, and excellent for practicing rhythm playing.

    The USB TO HOST port and line-level AUX outputs mean you can connect it to computers, storage devices, amplifiers, iPad and so on.

    If you’re a piano teacher, you’ll appreciate the Duo mode that lets two people play on the piano, each with their own middle C, and you can also connect two headphones.

    Yamaha P105


    Here are the key features of Yamaha P105:

  • 88-Key weighted GHS action keyboard, suited for home or live stage
  • Onboard sounds include: 2 x Grand Piano types, 4 x Electric Piano types, Jazz Organ, Rock Organ, Pipe Organ, Vibraphone, Harpsichord, Strings, Wood Bass, and Electric Bass
  • 10 x Pianist Styles provides a built-in duet partner
  • 10 x built-in drum patterns
  • Onboard 14-watt, 2-way, stereo speaker system
  • Assignable Split Voice lets you choose two sounds and assign them to either the right or left hand
  • Dual Voice mode allows you to layer two sounds together
  • 128-note polyphony that lets you play complex pieces, even when you use dual and split mode with a drum pattern
  • USB TO HOST port sends MIDI to your computer or iPad
  • Included accessory: Footswitch, Music rest
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    Overall Ratings

    Overall, a great 88-key weighted-action piano with an excellent piano sound, suitable for piano learning and for practice. The Yamaha P105 is lightweight (under 27 pounds) and can be used for performance as well.

    Buying Options
    1. Checkout Yamaha P115

    User Comments…

    Good for the price
    by: Suresh

    The yamaha p105 has a a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard which is available on the cheaper Yamaha pianos, whereas the P155 has a Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard, which is more real-piano like. But then that explains the price difference of a few hundred dollars. But still, its good for beginners who are seriously learning the piano and even for those who prefer a lighter action. In addition to the various voices you also get 10 built-in rhythms, including a Pianist Style.
    Good piano sound
    by: Jack

    I wanted the P155, which has a better sound, but I couldn’t afford as it was a few hundred dollars more, it so I went for this one. This one is also good, and has features that were good enough for me to take the plunge. Has several voices, but i personally prefer using the grand piano voice.
    Great piano
    by: John

    First of all this is a Yamaha piano and it comes with weighted keys. You also have choices of black and white color. You also get a matching stand and pedal unit, and its comparatively lightweight. A great piano.

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