Here’s Why Yamaha P-255B is the Best 88-Key Digital Piano in its Class

Here’s a complete review of Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano, its one of the best 88-key digital pianos in its class, especially if you’re keen on top-notch piano sounds and a simplified feature-list. Graded Hammer weighted keys with Synthetic Ivory Keytops, 256-fold polyphony, Yamaha CFIIIS concert piano sound samples, live performance features, Controller app for iOS. and more. The P-255 is the pinnacle of the renowned P series digital pianos. Skip to Yamaha P-255 piano on Amazon

YAMAHA P-255 Highlights

  • Graded Hammer (GH) action with Synthetic Ivory keytops
  • Free P-255 Controller App
  • Top quality grand piano samples
  • Built-in speakers, comes with few rhythm tracks to spice up your performance.
  • Perfect piano for the Working Player!

Although this piano is a portable model, it’s sound quality is just too good. You can use it for home practice, in the studio or for gigging. The feel of the keys is also as realistic as it can get.


  • PROS: 256 note polyphony, Exhaustive connectivity options, Powerful and high quality inbuilt
  • CONS: Expensive (it does offer great value for money though), No LCD display (you don’t need it though on this piano)
  • Uses: You can use this piano on-stage, in a concert setting, use it in the studio, or use it at home for your practice sessions.
  • See PRICE on Amazon

Yamaha P255 Piano Review

The Yamaha P-255 digital piano has a very good action, its Graded Hammer keyboard (88-keys) feel heavier in the bass and lighter in the treble. The white keys are covered with synthetic ivory.

The P-255 piano features the new Pure CF piano sound, usually reserved for top-of-the-range models. Same goes for Key-Off Sampling, Sustain Sampling (Resonance of the soundboard and the strings with the pedal) or the resonance sympathetic strings (String Resonance).

Using the iOS app, you can control the P-255 from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (requires an Apple camera connection kit).

Yamaha P255 88-Key Digital Piano

There are several good piano players, who have learnt and played on acoustic pianos for many years, who would prefer to own a nice digital piano because of the convenience it offers (portability of course). However, they don’t want to compromise on the quality of the piano sounds and the keyboard touch, besides they are not really keen to have hundreds of sounds and tons of features on their keyboard. For them, the P-255B is a perfect portable digital piano.

The piano is a bit heavy (graded hammer key action keyboard) but has a beautiful finish that would complement any elegant setting. There are very few buttons on the interface; its designed to be simple to use and meant for playing/practicing the piano.

Most recent model in the P series of digital pianos from Yamaha, this piano has excellent keyboard touch and several authentic piano samples, in addition to the various gig-ready features. The sound quality is much better (simulates the various resonances that are generated on the top-end acoustic pianos).

Yamaha P255 Features

88 Piano Like Keys
The Yamaha p-255 piano features GH Action with Synthetic Ivory Keytops for realistic feel. “Graded” action means the touch is heavier touch in the low end (bass), and lighter in the high end, plus the keys offer excellent stability, response & repetition. Synthetic Ivory keytops make it easier to ‘grip’ the white keys.

Back-lit Display
It comes with a LED backlit display that makes it easy to see the selections; It has a panel lock feature to prevent accidental changes to your selections.

Sound samples from Yamaha concert grand pianos
The CF Sound Engine provides the sounds of a 9′ concert grand piano (Yamaha’s acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand). Sustain & Key- off samples along with Damper & String Resonance add depth & detail to the sound for excellent piano tone.

Useful features for Live Music Playing
Comes with features like easy- access, 3- band EQ. Sound Boost combines dynamic processing & EQ to make you louder in the mix. You can also turn the internal speakers on or off, depending on the playing situation.

Free P-255 Controller App
Want a rich, graphic, touchscreen interface for your Yamaha P-255 digital piano? Download the free P-255 Controller App from the App Store!

For that, you will first need to connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) to your P-255 via an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter/iPad Camera Connection Kit or using a dedicated Yamaha cable such as the i-MX1/i-UX1. Then, download the free Controller App.

Yamaha P255 controller app

You can store and recall your favorite effect, Dual & Split keyboard settings. Browse and control your MIDI & Audio songs on optional USB flash drives, or control the internal drum rhythms.

Watch: Yamaha P255 Digital Piano Video Demos

Watch: Yamaha P-255 Overview – Demo

Buy Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano

To hear better sound samples of the p-255, you may download this iOS app and listen to the samples that are recorded. Here’s the link –

Here are more sound samples.

This piano has some great grand piano sounds, and even the other sounds are fine — rhodes, hammond organ, strings. The good thing is that even the internal speakers are top quality, so you may just use those to practice piano, without having to route it through amps.

Competition Check

Here are some alternatives to the Yamaha P255:

  • Yamaha P-155 (one level below this one in the P series pianos). Its cheaper, but a nice option if you’re looking for a 88-key piano with decent sound samples and weighted keys.
  • Yamaha DGX-660 (Similar to the P255 in tonal quality and touch, but comes with accompaniments and many more features). If you want a full set of features, go for this one.
  • Casio PX-860 (Good Value for Money).
  • Yamaha YDP-163 (superb upright digital piano). This one is a console digital piano.

Yamaha P255: Technical Specs & Features

Here are the main features of the Yamaha P255 88-Key Digital Piano:

  • Better action, Graded Hammer (GH) action with Synthetic Ivory keytops
  • Upgraded Sound Engine (several top quality piano samples)
  • Uses Sustain & Key-off samples, Damper & String Resonance
  • Live Music Toolbox – 3-Band graphic EQ, Sound Boost Button , Speaker Kill Switch – makes it suitable for gigs and other situations
  • Panel Lock to prevent accidental changes
  • Polyphony 256
  • 24 Voices with Dual/Split capability. Splits and layers can be created.
  • 24 reverb, 3-band equalizer, chorus, phaser, rotary speaker, tremolo, soundboost, layering (split), and splits.
  • Ten drum accompaniment rhythms (start/stop, intro and end function).
  • Recording function (ten songs with two MIDI tracks). Audio playback/recording (16 bit & 44.1 kHz)
  • 3.5mm stereo- mini Aux input & Aux line out
  • Optional 3- pedal unit (LP-255) & matching stand (L-255)
  • USB TO HOST, TO DEVICE & 5- pin DIN MIDI in/out
  • Internal 15w (x2) amplifiers, 10cm + 2.5cm (x2) speakers
  • Free P-255 Controller App that lets your iOS device control several features of this piano
  • Shipping Weight: 52 lbs
  • Available in two different color finishes: Ebony, ivory white

Yamaha P255: Prices & Buying Links

Overall, a great digital piano from Yamaha that is sure to impress. Plenty of voice options, 256 note polyphony, graded hammer action keys and the ivory textured finish makes you feel as if you’re playing a real acoustic piano. You can still opt for other Brands, such as Kawai MP or the Casio Privia pianos, but the Yamaha P255 digital piano has a much better sound (simulates the various resonances) and has several gig-ready features. Yamaha P255 comes loaded with features that make this digital piano perfect for all musicians, from the beginner right up to the skilled pianist.

With the Yamaha P255 and its wooden stand, a pedal board, built in speaker system, you have a full-fledged entertainment system.

Own a Yamaha 255? Please share your experiences below.

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  1. Reply
    Anders Ostensvig May 16, 2016 at 4:36 am

    Hi. How would you say the P255 compares to the ES8? I am a 45yo novice looking to buy my first DP. Some music knowledge, but not piano. Kind regards, Anders

  2. Reply
    Mario January 27, 2017 at 6:41 am

    I play solo jazz piano and want the big lush sounds that I get from my grand piano. The Yaaha P255 gives me that plus it has EQ sliders, which makes this a live player’s dream.

    It perfectly replicates the sound and feel of a real concert grand. The synthetic ivory keytops on the p-255 makes it feel like a real piano keys. The design is simple – easy to find the buttons and sliders (there aren’t many, its a no-bells-and-whistles piano). Polyphony is excellent, it has useful onboard sounds and excellent keybed feel. The built in speaker system is adequate for home environments.

    You can record backing tracks in CD quality and store them to the USB device on the front panel, for quick recall, then play along with. The iOS/iPad or iPhone control app is good to have.

  3. Reply
    yamahafans April 21, 2017 at 5:21 am

    Here are some more demo videos of the wonderful Yamaha P-255 piano.

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