Yamaha Music Keyboards – How to Use Styles and Accompaniment

Yamaha Music Keyboards. Learn how to use the various styles and accompaniment and their variations like Intro, Fill-ins and Endings on a Yamaha keyboard.

So what is a Style, also known as an Accompaniment?

Simply put, a Style is your Personal backup band, and that’s the beauty of a modern electronic keyboard.

It gives you hundreds of accompanying styles, with the option to create more.

Video showing how use styles and accompaniment on your
Yamaha keyboard

Various Style Categories

On a typical Yamaha Music keyboard, you can find the following categories of styles:

8 Beat, 16 Beat, Ballad, Dance, Disco, Swing & Jazz, R&B, Country, Latin, Ballroom, Traditional, Waltz, Children, Pianist

Within each of these categories, you will get usually a set of 8-10 different styles. Again, on certain high end Yamaha keyboards, you may get a few more than the ones hat are mentioned here.

Various Fingered Mode

Once you select the accompaniment button on Yamaha Keyboards, the chords that you play on the keyboard are recognized by the style.

Usually with single fingered and fingered mode, you need to play the chord on the left side of the keyboard for it to be recognized.

Some Yamaha Music Keyboards also support Full fingered mode, wherein you can play the chord anywhere on the keyboard and the accompaniment section will still recognize it. This is very useful for piano players!

Yamaha Music Keyboards, Styles & Accompaniment
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Sync, Intro, Fill-ins and Endings

Another useful feature on a Yamaha keyboard is the Sync, and the Intro, Fill-ins and Endings Button!

With the Sync button ON, the accompaniment starts the moment you hit a chord in the accompaniment section of the Keyboard.

For this, you need to first select the desired Style and make sure the accompaniment is ON.

Keyboard players will find this feature useful since you can have some pauses while playing and restart the accompaniment by pressing the Sync button and playing a chord. This makes your Keyboard playing sound lively.

The Intro, Endings and the Fillers button gives you more options to break the monotony while playing the keyboards.

Support for Popular Chords

In single fingered mode, you play a major chord by just playing the root key in the accompaniment section. For a minor key, you need to play the minor third as well.

In the full-fingered mode, your Yamaha keyboard recognizes any chord and its inversions. You can play any chord – sixth, seventh, ninth, diminished, augmented, etc. and all the Yamaha music keyboards will recognize it.

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