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Yamaha Keyboard Reviews to help you choose the right instrument. Besides making beginner electronic keyboards, Yamaha makes top class digital pianos and also synthesizers. After all, they are among the biggest musical instrument manufacturers in the world.

For music production, the Motif XF6 is a great choice of synth (top quality voices, effects and hardware). The WX5 MIDI Wind Controller is another useful instrument that wind players will really appreciate having. The MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator is also a great addition to your hardware rack (great way to expand the capabilities of your studio with new sounds and rhythms). Yamaha Arius YDP-142 is a great digital piano (you will wonder if its a real piano).

Here are some more popular models that most beginners and professionals are likely to own.

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key

The ez-220 is an upgraded version of the EZ-200 and comes with helpful accessories such as closed-cup headphones, power supply and a sturdy keyboard stand. Definitely a product worth considering, especially for beginners. 61 touch-sensitive keys, 392 voices, 100 accompaniment styles & built-in demo songs. Read more…

Yamaha YPG235 76-Key Portable Grand Keyboard

Has a piano-focused sound set and comes with 76 graded soft touch keys, perfect for the beginner. A USB port and interactive lessons are also included. Read more…

Yamaha PSR 443 61-Key Keyboard

Nice sound and features, has several advanced features that will help in songwriting as well. Read more…

Yamaha YPG 535 88-Keys

Has a piano-focused sound set and comes with 88 graded soft touch keys, perfect for the serious beginner, and even for experienced players as a practice piano. Read more…

Yamaha DGX-650 88-Keys

Excellent sounds & keyboard feel, available in beautiful cherry wood finish With its weighted Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action, the portable DGX-640 is the closest bet to a real piano. Read more…

Yamaha Piaggero NP31 76-Key Portable Keyboard

This is similar to the NP11 that we talked above, but this one comes with 76 keys so you can play a larger variety of songs. This does not come with the several built-in styles and voices, but has just electric piano, organ, harpsichord, strings and the vibraphone sounds. Read more here

yamaha p35

Yamaha P45

If you’re looking for an affordable stage piano from Yamaha, the P-35 digital piano is the one to consider. This piano offers a real acoustic grand piano sound along with Graded Hammer Standard keybed, yet it’s lightweight and compact. Packed with more performance options, the P-35 can be used at home, in the studio, or for live performances. Read more…

All these keyboards are more of home keyboards/arrangers that are good for learning and for practicing. But Yamaha has many more popular keyboard instruments, including advanced arrangers, synths, stage pianos & home pianos. Checkout more Yamaha keyboards, portable pianos & synths here…

More on these Recommended Models

Though there are several good quality keyboards that come from the Yamaha brand, here are some of their best sellers depending upon your skills and requirements.

If you are looking for a beginner portable keyboard, then you can opt for the yamaha ez-220 lighted keyboard, or if lighted keyboards is not something that you fancy, go in for the versatile yamaha psr-e433 that comes with some pro features.

If you are looking for an advanced arranger, sort of an entry level arranger workstation, then you may consider the more expensive yamaha psr s650 keyboard

If you are looking for an arranger type keyboard with more than 61 keys then a fantastic value-for-money is the 76 key yamaha-ypg235 keyboard. Their top of the line 88 key piano keyboard in this category is the yamaha dgx650, which is a good alternative to an expensive digital piano.

If you are looking for a synthesizer keyboard, then a good entry level synth is the yamaha mm6. Another excellent option, if you are looking for piano like keys but don’t want a built-in sequencer, is the 76 key yamaha s70 xs synth. If you are looking for the best, then there is nothing to beat the yamaha motif which is their flagship synthesizer workstation.

Why Yamaha Keyboard Pianos?

Ask any budding musician or a professional who has been playing for years, and Yamaha would definitely be one of the names that would be considered when it comes to buying music gear. They have never really been associated with low cost stuff; their gear re never among the cheapest but then over the years, using their expertise Yamaha has managed to create an impressive range of keyboard instruments.

There are many reasons why Yamaha’s keyboards have been so popular among beginners and accomplished musicians. Their brand value, range of keyboard instruments, excellent sound, sturdiness, unique features which its electronic keyboards have to offer, all these play a major role towards its popularity.

Experienced musicians will also vouch for their acoustic instrument sounds. Yamaha has some of the best orchestral sounds on their keyboards so musicians who use more of the standard bread butter sounds or do a lot of classical based music will love the Yamaha keyboards and pianos.

If you go through some of the Yamaha keyboard reviews, you will also find that Yamaha is always in the forefront when introducing new features & technologies, which helps it to maintain its popularity and also to make some of the best keyboards and pianos.

Yamaha Keyboard Reviews, Yamaha Keyboard Review

Yamaha Keyboard Reviews

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