Yamaha Guitars: Buying Guide

Yamaha is among the top brands in the world for musical instruments. Learn about their history, best guitar models and what to expect from a Yamaha guitar if you choose to get one.

Yamaha Guitar: Reviews of their Best Guitars


Established in 1887, when it started making reed organs, Yamaha has indeed come a long way and become one of the leading brands of musical instruments and music recording / technology equipment.

It is one of those very few brands that manufacture almost everything under the sun – when it comes to music instruments & recording equipment (they also produce many non-music related stuff though).

Yamaha Guitars Although they are quite well-known when it comes to pianos and keyboard instruments and music recording equipment, they are slowly but surely making their mark in the world of guitars as well. They may not be as popular as the Gibsons and the Fenders yet, but their guitars are definitely high quality.

Though Yamaha acoustic guitars include several top quality guitars meant for professional musicians, most of their entry level guitars are quite popular with the beginning guitarists, because of their affordable prices and good quality.

Combination of traditional craftsmanship and leading edge technology puts Yamaha guitars in a class of their own.

Why Yamaha?

Here are top reasons why you should consider Yamaha:

  1. Decades of experience making musical instruments and recording equipment, so they do understand the pulse of the audience.
  2. Their wide range of guitars is an indication that Yamaha is indeed very serious about becoming a leader in guitars as well (similar to Pianos).
  3. They have some real value-for-money guitars in their stable.
  4. Very good network so you can expect good support and easy access to replacement parts.

Here’s a video showing a Yamaha guitar manufacturing factory.

I know there are many who don’t like the fact that Yamaha, as a company, puts their head into several products. But as long as they are producing quality products, it really shouldn’t matter.

And the fact is that Yamaha does strive to offer top quality music instruments, at a price every musician can afford.

Yamaha Guitars

Besides, there are several popular musicians, singer, songwriters who use their products.

Avril Lavigne, Edwin McCain, Andy McKee, Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Johan Jorgensen, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Kristyn Osborne, Ben Mauro and Glenn Pearce are just some of the popular names who use this brand of guitars.

So you can see that their acoustic guitars are indeed endorsed and played by a large number of well-known musicians.

Acoustic Guitars

In an acoustic guitar, musicians look for a well-balanced tone, rich volume, clear resonance and a wide dynamic range. And that is what the Yamaha acoustic guitars provide.

Built with fine tonewoods and wood technologies, Yamaha acoustic guitars have incredible sound, easy playability and good looks.

You’ll find a great selection of steel-string acoustics here.

Yamaha FG700S
The Yamaha FG700S is a great entry-level 6-string acoustic guitar, that is not only beautiful but also offers the best value for money for an acoustic, more…

Checkout videos of some of the acoustic guitars from Yamaha.

Classical Guitars

Yamaha offers a huge range of nylon-string classical guitars, from entry-level instruments suitable for for students who are learning the ins and outs of classical guitar technique, to hand-crafted works of art capable of expressing every nuances.

Electric Guitars

Whether you play rock, jazz or blues, Yamaha has a range of electric guitars that will add something extra to your performance. Checkout Yamaha electric guitars here.

Here’s a video showing the Yamaha SG electric guitar series.

Bass Guitars

In addition to good looks, if you’re looking for practical features, versatility, and solid playability, these are definitely worth considering.

Built to handle the very highs and the lowest lows, to deliver a punchy sound, Yamaha basses are ready for any style of music and for players of different capabilities.

SILENT Guitars

What’s so special about these?

Besides having a futuristic design, these solid body, steel and nylon guitars don’t feedback when amplified.

These are perfect for performance as well as for practice; these can also be played with headphones for silent practice.

Here’s a video of a SILENT Guitar.

Bestselling Guitars

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Yamaha Accessories

Yamaha also makes some good music accessories. If you are looking for guitar accessories, you can find the following from Yamaha:

  • Metronomes
  • Tuners
  • Gig Bags
  • Hardshell Cases

The Verdict: Experts and Consumers on Yamaha Guitars

Based on reviews and comments on Yamaha Guitars, here are the Good and the Bad points:

The Good

  • Highly regarded brand
  • Offers some great value-for-money guitars
  • The Bad

  • Currently catering to Beginners & Intermediate level players
  • Not enough high-end guitars
  • When it comes to Yamaha guitars, you’re sure of one thing: you will be able to find the model ideally suited for your needs, especially if you’re a beginner or looking for a value-buy.

    While Yamaha is more focused on acoustic & classical guitars, the ‘SILENT’ guitar is another step forward and aims to please the more demanding musicians as well.

    Our recommendation is to spend some time researching Yamaha guitar reviews on our site, and you’ll definitely find one that exactly matches your needs.

    Where to buy Yamaha Guitars online?
    Based on our research we’ve narrowed down the massive amount of choices you have, to just 3 online stores:

    Where to Buy?

    zZounds.com: Another trusted online music shop that sells a wide range of musical instruments.

    Best Guitar Deals at Guitar Center!

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    Final Thoughts

    Though Yamaha has been making quality acoustic guitars for several years now, it is only recently that guitar buyers have started believing in their products.

    In case you are one of those who doubt their capabilities, just visit a store and play one of the Yamaha Guitars and you will understand and appreciate their offerings.

    Yamaha also has a good range of acoustic-electric guitars in their lineup. And because they are good at making electronic stuff, they are able to offer good amplifiers at reasonable costs.

    And as with most products from Yamaha, their guitar range is also varied and quite wide. So you can find a beginner guitar for as low as a couple of hundred dollars, and they also have top quality guitars costing as high as a few thousand dollars.

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