Yamaha Foot Pedal

Yamaha Foot Pedal – FC4, FC5 and other Sustain Pedal Review

Yamaha foot pedals
Yamaha Foot Pedal, including 3-Foot pedals. Popular Yamaha keyboard pedal like the FC4, FC5 and other sustain pedal reviewed here. Find the best prices on keyboard pedals here…

Looking for a good keyboard sustain pedal from Yamaha?

If not a sustain pedal, what about a 3-foot pedal?

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it from Yamaha…

and everybody is aware of the excellent quality of the Yamaha brand.

Here we will review the Yamaha FC4 & FC5 foot-pedals, and a few 3-foot pedals.

Why Use a Sustain / Foot Pedal?

Playing with expressions is an important aspect of playing the piano. A Yamaha sustain Pedal is a Yamaha keyboard accessory which is used to sustain notes, while your hands are busy playing.

A useful feature to have especially when all your 10 fingers are on the keyboard! You use the yamaha keyboard sustain pedal with your foot, mostly the right foot.

Why Use a Yamaha Keyboard / Sustain Pedal?

You don

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