Yamaha EZ Keyboards Review – Introducing the Lighted Keyboard Piano

Yamaha EZ Keyboards with “lighted-keys” reviewed here. These keyboards have keys that can light up, helps you to learn simple songs quickly. These lighted keyboards from Yamaha are quire popular with beginners, especially kids, and will have you playing simple songs right from the very first day. If you are not sure what category of keyboards you should be looking at, you may check the entire range of keyboards from yamaha. In case, you are looking for keyboards with light-up keys, read on. On these keyboards, the notes that you’re supposed to play light up, so you just have to follow those keys to play one of the built-in song. And what’s great is that the keyboard moves at your pace, and even waits for you to press the correct key. Skip to the best Yamaha EZ lighted keyboard on Amazon

Yamaha EZ Lighted Keyboards

Unlike the other series of keyboards, the EZ series does not have a lot of keyboards. While Yamaha did introduce a few models in the last few years, one keyboard that has been there for quite some time (probably because its one of the better models out there) is the Yamaha EZ-220.

Here are the popular 61-key keyboards in this series.

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key

The ez-220 is an upgraded version of the EZ-200 and comes with helpful accessories such as closed-cup headphones, power supply and a sturdy keyboard stand. Definitely a product worth considering, especially for beginners. 61 touch-sensitive keys, hundreds of voices and accompaniment styles, several built-in demo songs. Read more…

yamaha ez lighted keyboards

Want to make electronic keyboard learning easier for your kids? Want to play songs from Day One? Looking for a fun way to learn to play keyboards? Looking for the most reputable brand of Electronic Keyboard?

Have a look at the Yamaha lighted keyboards!

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Lighted Electronic Keyboard – How Does It Help?

Here is how these lighted keyboards help!

The EZ Keyboards have a built-in collection of around 100 songs for you to learn. Just choose the song you like and select whether you want to play the left or the right hand part, and press the Start button.

That’s it!

From that point on-wards, the electronic keyboard will light up the key that you should be playing… And the best part is that it will wait and not move on to the next note unless you play the correct key/note.

Isn’t that great? Have fun with your Yamaha EZ lighted Keyboards!

The EZ 220 – Yamaha Lighted Keyboard!

Never played before? Don’t worry, the ez220 lighted keyboard from Yamaha will have you playing songs from the very first day. Just pick a song from the 100 built-in songs, and hit “Start”.

The keyboard will light up and take you through the correct keys that need to be played!

yamaha ez 220 review

All the tools that you need to learn to play are found in the keyboard, including how to play chords.

If you were planning to buy the first electronic keyboard for your kid, you can definitely have a look at the EZ series from Yamaha. Yamaha EZ Keyboards is targeted towards the beginners since it makes learning to play the electronic keyboards much easier.

Features of the Yamaha EZ 220 lighted Keyboards

  • 61 Keys – Touch Sensitive
  • Hundreds of Voices & Rhythms
  • Built-in Yamaha Education Suite – Helps you learn to play
  • Contains over 100 Built-in Songs to learn
  • MIDI In/Out for easy connectivity to a computer
  • Enjoy playing the Yamaha keyboard through Headphones or through the Stereo Speakers


The Yamaha ez220 lighted keyboard is a nice keyboard for beginners, including adults who have been longing to play the music keyboard for a long time. Though children may find this a fun keyboard instrument, adults should realize that this keyboard does not replace a teacher. This keyboard does help you get started but it’s not going to teach you entirely how to play the piano. You will have to take lessons or buy piano learning software. The lighted keys on this keyboard are fun, and you can at least attempt playing along with some of the complicated songs that you would not otherwise try.

If you intend to use this keyboard along with your computer, you will have to buy a MIDI-connector since this does not come with a USB connection.

All-in-all this is a good starter keyboard for beginners. It will be good enough to practice till the time you demonstrate that you are serious about playing the piano, in which case you will have to upgrade to a better keyboard instrument. You also have the option of going in for a Casio lighted keyboard (LK series), if you are looking for a keyboard with lighted keys. But in terms of sound quality, the Yamaha ez-220 lighted music keyboard is a notch higher.

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