Yamaha EZ-220: Here’s Why Its Yamaha’s Best 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

Yamaha EZ 220The Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Keyboard is an easy to use instrument that comes with light-up keys and the yamaha education suite that makes its easy to learn the built-in songs. It’s a good beginner’s keyboard with the ability to even harness the power and versatility of the computer/iPad.

  • PROS – Affordable, Many Features, Learning System
  • CONS – No Split-keyboard, No Sequencer


The EZ220 is a great learning keyboard that will help you to play with both your hands. The built-in learning system makes you confident with your left hand as well, with the lighted keys helping you all the way to learn your favorite songs.

You can also connect your iPad to this USB keyboard and use software such as Synthesia to learn to play piano (it doesn’t come with the cable though). Once connected, the appropriate keys light up when any song is played and music comes through the keyboard speakers/headphone jack.

Who Is It For?

  • For those who want to get started on an affordable keyboard.
  • Those who want the keyboard to help them learn few songs.

If you’ve kids who can read music, they can really have lots of fun with the lighted keys. The lighted keyboard, several voices & styles, and other features will surely keep your kids entertained.

Having said that, the lighting system is something that will excite kids more, and adults may not use that feature at all. The ability to shift octaves will appeal to some users.

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

The EZ-220 USB TO HOST port lets you connect the keyboard to your computer for use with a wide range of music programs, be it for education or composing or just entertainment. There’s even a specially designed clip that secures an iPad to the included music rest.

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Wait-Lit Key Feature
This is the feature where a song would lit the keys and wait for you to play the key before proceeding ahead. On this keyboard, when this feature is in play, the background music still plays. Now some find that to be distracting feature, but you cannot turn the background accompaniment on this keyboard. The Casio LK-280 keyboard lets you do that, but its more expensive.


Here are the key features of this lighted keyboard:

  • 61 touch-responsive keys (good for serious learners)
  • Decent sized LCD Display
  • Polyphony: 32 Max
  • 392 Voices, 100 Styles, 9 types of reverb
  • Number of Preset Songs: 100 plus one demo song
  • Fingering: Multi, Style Control: Intro, main x2, fill-in, ending
  • One Touch Setting (OTS)
  • Yamaha Education Suite (YES), Lesson/guide
  • Headphones: You can connect one
  • USB to host: to connect to computer
  • Built-in wireless connectivity to the free Page Turner iPad app

Although this keyboard lacks features like on-board recording capability, and Split-keyboard instrument playability, this is definitely a good beginners keyboard. This is a good keyboard and with the help from the ABC Keyboard Stickers sold separately, kids can learn to play faster.

Video Review

Here’s video review of this 61-key piano keyboard:

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Lighted Keyboard

Overall Ratings

The Yamaha 61-key EZ-220 keyboard is a good choice for beginners, who want to start learning to play the piano, on an affordable keyboard. Intermediate players may probably like a more robust and better looking product. But this is a good keyboard if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. It has got sufficient features to help you improve your skills and also has the ability to interface with a computer or the Apple iPad.

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