Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S): Useful Built-in Piano Lessons in Yamaha Beginner Keyboards

Yamaha Education Suite: Piano Keyboard Lessons for Beginners.

If you want to know how to play keyboard but don’t know how to start playing, want to know how piano chords have to be played, then this is a good place to start. You can learn important musical skills such as note and chord recognition, timing, etc. with these Piano Keyboard Lessons.

Have you got yourself a Yamaha musical keyboard, but have not yet started taking music lessons?
Are you curious to know what the various piano notes are and how some simple songs are played on a piano keyboard?

Don’t worry!

Yamaha’s Education Suite will help you start learning even before you have formally started taking piano lessons from a teacher.

What is the Yamaha Education Suite (YES)?

Simply put, Yamaha YES is basically Yamaha keyboard lessons!

Yamaha keyboard lessons come in the form of the Yamaha Education Suite, which you can find on almost all the Yamaha musical keyboards.

These Yamaha keyboard lessons help you to learn important musical skills such as note and chord recognition, timing, etc. on your own.

Yamaha Education Suite, Yamaha Keyboard Lessons
Yamaha Keyboard Lessons: Find Easy Piano Lessons here…

Yamaha Education Suite – Who Is it Useful for?

It is useful for anybody who wants to learn to play keyboards, especially for those who are trying to learn on their own. And most adults usually fall in this category.

If you are trying to learn on your own any help is handy, and so this tool is quite useful as you learn chords and several songs with finger position.

Does it Really Teach You to Play?

In the short term, you’ll feel good using these as you’ll at least know how some songs are played.

But then the fact is that it alone may not suffice to help you to learn to play the piano.

When you’re learning the conventional way, you learn several things such as music theory, chord progressions, sight-reading, dynamics, salient features of various genres, and so on.

Basically, you are groomed to play anything from pop, jazz, rock, to classical and other styles. In that sense, the Y.E.S lessons will not groom you to play songs on your own. You’ll need to think how the chords are applied, who they move from one chord to another, and so on, which takes time.

Yamaha Keyboard Lessons – It’s a Good Start

It definitely is a good start as it gives you the confidence that you’ll be able to play the piano someday.

Besides, you get to learn songs quickly, and if you are able to play the songs (in-time) along with an accompaniment, you will surely impress your friends and family with your keyboard skills.

Different Yamaha (YES) Versions

The set of Yamaha keyboard lessons that are available to you will depend on the version of the Yamaha Education Suite on your Yamaha music keyboard.

Yamaha YES was introduced way back in 1998 as version 1. Since then more versions have been introduced and as of today, the latest version of the Yamaha education suite is version 6.

If you buy a new Yamaha keyboard, it should come with the most recent version. However, if you buy a used one, you could have anything from version 1 to version 6.

What Music Lessons Does it Teach?

The Yamaha education suite has enough built-in songs and exercises to help you improve your keyboard skills. There are exercises to train both your hands at various levels of complexity.

It has a grading mechanism as well to grade your performance.

So what can you expect in the Yamaha keyboard lessons?

Here are some of the important learning features of Yamaha YES that you can find on your Yamaha music keyboard. You may find some or all of these depending on the YES version.

  • Good collection of built-in songs for learning that are divided into left and right hand parts, providing lessons at various levels of complexity
  • Repeat and Learn – You can set Repeat Points for practicing a difficult section of a Song repeatedly
  • Playback Song’s tempo varies to match the speed at which you play
  • Mute any part of the play back song and play that part yourself
  • Singing – The keyboard can ‘sing’ notes by name – A, B, C or as Solfege – Do, Re, Me… as you play the notes
  • Built-in Chord Dictionary shows you how to play chords
  • Get a grade for your performance as you practice each lesson

Watch: Yamaha Keyboard Quick Start Guide – Y.E.S. Yamaha Education Suite

This video shows you how to use the on-board Education suite (Y.E.S.) on a Yamaha keyboard

  • Want to know how to play keyboard but don’t know where to start?
  • Want to learn how to use piano chords and would want to know about suitable piano books?
  • Want to learn how to play keyboard?

This is a good place to start learning to play piano / keyboards!!!


The Yamaha Education suite (Yamaha keyboard lessons) is a convenient way to get started with learning to play keyboards / piano because they are built-in right on your Yamaha keyboard. It’s a nice and easy way to familiarize yourself with the basics and also a handy tool to get started on some simple songs. The Yamaha Education suite should be seen as a supplement to your piano music lessons, and should not be seen as a replacement to a music teacher.

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