Yamaha Drums & Percussion

Yamaha Drums: Yamaha offers a wide selection of drums for the modern drummers, be it for stage or in the studio, be it classic acoustic sets or powerful electronic sets and controllers.

Yamaha Drum Categories

You can access these free apps from Yamaha that will help you learn to play drums as well as enhance/customize the DTX series of electronic drums.

Acoustic Drum Sets
These are acoustic drum kits, set the perfect musical mood with the strong back beat of Yamaha drums.

Compact Drum Sets
Yamaha compact drum systems designed and developed by professional drummers for the younger players.

Electronic Drum Kit
Yamaha’s popular electronic drum systems; deliver great performance and realism.

Snare Drums
Your snare sound is the most important part of your drum set, reflecting your style and musicality. With infinite sound possibilities, Yamaha snare drums allow you to express your own unique voice.

Electronic Drum Accessories
Yamaha Technology that makes sense for drummers.

HexRackII / Drum Hardware
Yamaha’s innovative hardware is legendary for reliability, durability, and versatility. Utilizing manufacturing processes perfected in the Yamaha motorcycle factory, Yamaha system drum hardware is the most requested hardware in the industry.

Digital Percussion
All-in-one percussion pad that suits anyone from a beginner to an expert.

Yamaha Drumwear
Your one stop shop for quality apparel and gifts

History of Yamaha Drums

Yamaha Drums

  • Although Yamaha was founded way back in 1887, the company started manufacturing drums since 1967.
    Although most of the drums were made in Japan, of late most of their drums are getting manufactured in China (it turns out cheaper for most companies)

  • Yamaha’s expertise with piano lacquering/painting techniques were adapted to the drums in 1978, which took the drum world by storm. Steve Gadd’s Black Piano Lacquered kit would become the most desired and copied in the drum world during the 1980s.
  • The first UK-made Yamaha drums emerged in 1989, starting with the budget Power V series.
  • Yamaha today has a huge factory in China, and backed up by their Japanese-based research lab, Yamaha continues to churn out top quality drums to delight drummers all over the world.
  • Yamaha today has a great range of drums, including electronic drums

Watch: Yamaha Custom Series with Steve Gadd

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