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Yamaha DGX-640 88-Key Keyboard Review

Yamaha DGX-640


The Yamaha DGX-640 88-Key Keyboard comes with graded weighted action keys and is one of the better electric pianos in the sub-$1000 price range. It may not suit those who are not very keen on having bells and whistles on a piano. But for those who want everything on their digital piano, the Yamaha DGX-640 is a great portable keyboard with a wide selection of piano voices & features.

Piano Like, Good Sounds & Styles, Lots of features, Pricing

Some users may not want all those extras

Best Place to Buy

On Amazon, Yamaha DGX-640 for $600-$700


If you want a digital piano with a great feel and also want it to have all the fancy styles and voices, then the Yamaha DGX640 is a suitable product for you.

Who Is It For?

  • You can use this keyboard to provide Accompaniment
  • For learn piano and for practicing
  • Use it as a MIDI keyboard to create your own Music

Yamaha DGX-640 88-key keyboard

Weighted Keys

The keyboard here is a graded one where, just as on a real one, the keys are heavier on the lower octaves and much lighter on the higher keys; perfect for playing the piano. Yamaha calls it their Graded Hammer Standard or GHS action, which is among the best they have.

It looks sturdy but not as beautiful as a piano though; the “wood” portions are made up of synthetic material.

Connect a 3-Foot Pedal Unit

You also have the option of connecting a three-foot-pedal unit to your keyboard, in case you want to have the same range of expressive effects as on a real acoustic piano.

Several Voices, Styles & Effects

In terms of voices, it’s not just the pianos and electric pianos that you get, you also get some cool organ sounds, strings, brass and lot more, including several Live! Cool! and Sweet! Voices.
The best part is that you can make these even more appealing using the several effects; you have a collection of DSP effects, ambiance effects, distortion that you can apply to the various voices.

Built-in Learning Features

If you’re learning to play the piano, you can make use of the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) that can further supplement your learning. Even the screen can display the music notations when you play back a song. If the song contains both lyrics and chords, both will be shown. Experienced players however, are less likely to use these features.

Competition Check

The Yamaha DGX640 keyboard is highly recommended if you are looking for a portable piano with excellent key touch.

However, if you are only keen on the piano sounds and do not want to have the other features such as styles and effects, then you should have a look at the models in the P series as well.

If you’re fine owning a Casio, you can even checkout the Casio px-350 Privia piano.

Yamaha DGX-640 88-key keyboard
Lowest Prices on DGX-640 here…


Here are more product features of the dgx-640:

  • You get 88-keys with the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action
  • Built-in Speakers: 12cm x 2 + 3cm x 2, Amplifiers: 6W + 6W

  • Polyphony: 64 Max
  • Number of Preset Voices: 142 + 381 XGlite + 12 Drum/SFX Kits
  • Dual/Layers: Yes, Split: Yes
  • Number of Preset Styles: 165
  • Number of Preset Songs: 30
  • Recording Function: Yes, Recording: SMF (Format 0)
  • Yamaha Education Suite (YES)
  • Internal Memory: 1895KB, External Drives: Optional USB Flash Memory (via USB To Device)
  • Excellent voices that can be further enhanced using the DSP effects (Has Pitch Bend as well)
  • Get the most out of your Backlit LCD: It displays lyrics, chords & notation
  • You also get the USB TO DEVICE jack: connect optional USB storage devices
  • Dimensions (with the stand): Width: 55-1/16″, Height: 29-15/16″, Depth: 17-1/2″
  • Weight (with the stand): 27.7kg (61lbs)
  • Bundled Accessories Included: Music Rest, Power Supply, Keyboard Stand, Pedal/Footswitch, Song Book (CD-ROM with PFD format)

Video Review

Overall Ratings

The Yamaha DGX-640 is suitable for beginner students and for piano teachers to be used as a practice piano, or for performing musicians at churches and even studios, who prefer using preset sounds.


Buying Options

1. $600-$700 on Amazon
2. Yamaha Dgx 640 on Musicians Friend(on Musicians Friend)

User Comments…

Great digital piano for a great price
by: Michael

Yamaha DGX-640 88-key keyboard

This is a study piano and feels tough. There are several features, so you should already be familiar with keyboards to be able to use the. Just for learning the piano, you may not need those many features, but the keys are good.
DGX 640 – Value for Money
by: CMan

The DGX 640 is a good instrument, especially if you are learning to play the piano, or if you want to have a combination of several voices and styles, or just for playability. The price is just about right. But then for a couple of hundred dollars more, you can start looking at some options that are more compact and good looking. The P-155 has a better feel I think, but then its expensive.
LP7A Pedal for Yamaha DGX640
by: John

I didn’t like the look of this keyboard when I bought it first, but the more I use it now the more i’ve started liking it. It basically grows on you. I intend to buy the optional Yamaha LP7A Pedal also sometime in the near future.
Yamaha DGX 640 vs Yamaha P95
by: Giggs

I went along with my friend and we spent some time comparing the Yamaha DGX 640 and the Yamaha P95. My friend thinks that the keys on the Yamaha P95 felt better. I didn’t feel much difference between the two. But I was looking more at the sound quality, including the number of various voices it had. I think it’s far more refreshing to play with the various voices and styles, once in a while between your piano playing. I will go with the Yamaha dgx640.
Yamaha DGX 640 for my Grandson
by: Ryan

I wanted to gift my grandson (7 year old) a good piano keyboard with weighted keys as he had been taking lessons for the last 8-9 months. This is one of the high-end pianos with lots of features and I think he is going to love this for quite some time.

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