Yamaha DGX-230 76-Key Keyboard Review

Yamaha DGX-230 Yamaha DGX-230: This is a very good beginner keyboard and offers good value-for-money as well as ease of use; allows you to play both piano as well as the electronic keyboard style.

Yamaha DGX-230: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: 76 Touch Keys, Affordable, Good Features
  • Cons: No weighted Keys

Yamaha DGX-230: Review

This excellent keyboard gives you several music styles, sounds and more keys that lets you play a variety of songs. The keys also offer different levels of resistance, which makes it suitable for learning piano as well. The dedicated portable grand button instantly puts the keyboard in the grand piano voice, ready for practicing the piano.

This is also made for learning the piano, thanks to the Yamaha Education Suite. You get keyboard lessons for each hand, and also include a chord dictionary. The lesson grading system also grades how well you’re playing. So this feature is nice if you want to learn few things on your own.

The built-in sequencer is also quite advanced as it lets you record up to 6 tracks. You can easily connect your keyboard to the computer via USB and also download more styles and songs if you wish.

Additional features such as pitch bend wheel, dual/split, and availability of effects such as reverb, chorus and EQ effects, makes it suitable for performance as well.

The Yamaha DGX-230 76-Key Keyboard is an excellent inexpensive instrument, that can be used for learning to play the piano…or it can serve as your second keyboard – a portable option.

For an entry-level price, the sound and key action are good. Not a professional keyboard though, but you can definitely use it for providing chords and some embellishments if you play for some local bands.

Yamaha DGX230 is the best option for beginners, definitely not any toy keyboard.

Note: There is no difference between the DGX-230 and the YPG-235.

Yamaha DGX-230: Specs

  • 76 piano style keys
  • Graded soft touch keyboard
  • 6-track sequencer
  • Master EQ
  • 489 high-quality tones
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Yamaha DGX-230: Demo / Video Review

    Yamaha DGX-230: Buying Links & Pricing

    The DGX-230 is an excellent beginner keyboard that offers good value-for-money, and ease of use.

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    User Comments…

    Great Piano Keyboard
    by: DJPantheris

    The key action is good and the velocity response is stellar. An awesome keyboard for people looking to use it with production software.

    I’m an aspiring techno artist and I think this Keyboard is just awesome. Though, the audio can clip if you don’t change the EQ and are playing it loudly.

    Though, I highly recommend this keyboard to beginners and advanced users alike.
    Upgraded from Yamaha Psr-313 to DGX-230
    by: Mel

    I upgraded from a psr313 to the dgx230. The basic one doesn’t include a power supply (ideally they should have), but since I already owned a Yamaha psr before, the power adapter that I have is compatible with this one. Besides, I also have a keyboard stand.
    Tempting Deal
    by: Jeff

    I’m an adult planning to buy the Yamaha DGX230. I like this keyboard and the video review is also good. Will leave aside the accessories though, except the power adapter. I think I can manage without those and save some dollars there. This seems to be a great keyboard and the deal also looks too tempting.
    Good Product
    by: Luke

    I absolutely agree that this is a value product. No doubt about it. It’s just that there was lot of confusion initially over what’s the difference between DGX-230 and YPG-235. I don’t understand why Yamaha has to continue with both if they are the same.
    Good bundled offer on the DGX-230
    by: Dev

    To be frank, I didn’t even do much research after looking at the bundled offer for Yamaha DGX-230.

    For just over 200 bucks, you get a 76-key keyboard with a stand, power adapter, and headphones. And it’s a Yamaha! The deal was done there itself.

    The user manual shows both DGX-230 and YPG-235 on the cover so they are of the same specs.

    I got a better price for the DGX-230. I was okay with any color.

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