Yamaha DGX Keyboard Reviews – Portable 76, 88 Key Music Piano Keyboards

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yamaha dgx keyboardYamaha DGX Keyboard reviews: These are the best choices if you are looking for affordable and quality 76 or 88 keys, and want all the features of an electronic music keyboard. These come with several accompaniment styles and are actually arrangers, but with more than 61 keys. These are portable 76 and 88 key arranger piano keyboards ranging from semi-weighted to fully weighted keys. Checkout the best Yamaha DGX keyboard here on Amazon.

Best Yamaha DGX Grand Keyboard Reviews

The dgx-230 is the entry-level keyboard in this series and is basically a 76 key keyboard with non-weighted keys. The DGX-660, on the other hand, is the best model in the series and comes with 88 full-sized weighted keys with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action.

Here are the various keyboard models in this series.

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Keys

yamaha DGX 660b Real 88 weighted Keys, 6-track recorder, Score Display for on-screen note display, wireless audio streaming, excellent tones and styles, looks like a real piano. Excellent sounds & keyboard feel, available in beautiful cherry wood finish With its weighted Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action, the portable DGX-650 is the closest bet to a real piano. Read more…

Its easy to create songs and to recording your performances (you can use it as a controller in your recording setup). You get a wide variety of instrument sounds and styles. It comes with many more features (you may probably not use them all).

If you have been using keyboards (beginner or intermediate) for some time, then the Yamaha DGX 660 will come across as a HUGE upgrade, with amazing sound and excellent touch (you can adjust the touch sensitivity if required). Serious piano players will also love playing on this 88-key keyboard as it has the feel of an acoustic piano.

Yamaha DGX230 76-Keys

Quality, design and sound is great for the price; best for beginners. The Excellent Piano sound, 76 piano style keys featuring Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch make the DGX230 an ideal keyboard for beginners who want to get introduced to piano playing. Yamaha DGX-230 is a great keyboard for beginners, 76 piano style keys with Graded Soft Touch keyboard. The main advantage of the DGX keyboards is that you get more than 61 keys that allows you to play many more piano songs. Read more…

This keyboard has Graded Soft Touch (GST), which is basically a light graded hammer action. It means the action is heavier towards the bass end and lighter towards the treble end, but overall, the whole touch is lighter (compared to the keys on DGX-660). The lighter touch is suited to beginner players as it allows you to play passages and fast melodies easily. Another advantage of the Graded Soft Touch is that it reduces the overall weight of the keyboard.

Want to enjoy your Yamaha portable grand keyboard to the fullest, the Yamaha Survival Kit is the way to go. It comes with keyboard accessories, DVD containing useful software, and much more.

Yamaha DGX Portable Grand Keyboards Guide

Yamaha DGX is Yamaha’s portable grand series keyboards that feature 76 and 88 keys electronic keyboards.

Yamaha DGX series includes portable 76 and 88 key arranger piano keyboards ranging from semi-weighted to fully weighted keys. Its meant for beginner keyboard players, as well as semi-professionals. If you need a keyboard with just 5 octaves (61 keys), you can take a look at Yamaha PSR keyboards.

Who Is It For?

Lot of music enthusiasts, especially those who are interested in playing the piano, look forward to a music keyboard that comes with more than 61 keys!

What they are interested in is basically an arranger keyboard with wonderful built-in styles and more than 61 keys so that they can play piano songs as well.

At the same time, some of them are not looking for proper piano like heavier keys, they are happy with synth like keys or probably semi-weighted keys. One reason for it is that they have always played on synth like keys and are looking for a keyboard with semi-weighted keys so that they can gradually make the move to a piano with authentic keys sometime in the future.

So if you are one of those music enthusiasts, the Yamaha DGX Keyboard series could make sense to you.

But why would anybody want an electronic keyboard with more than 61 keys?

Why Yamaha 88 Key Keyboard?

There could be various reasons for liking an 88 Key Keyboard.

  • You love the technical features, sounds, rhythms that are usually available in electronic keyboards, but you also enjoy piano music and would love to play the piano.
  • You always enjoy playing your songs on top of a backing rhythm.
  • You want to play your all-time piano pieces – something which your 61 key keyboard will not let you do.

The best option in such a case is to have a look at the DGX Keyboards – Yamaha 76 key keyboard & Yamaha 88 key keyboard!

Yamaha 88 Key Keyboard – Standard Features

All the Yamaha DGX keyboards come with the standard keyboard features like:

yamaha dgx keyboards

  • Weighted graded hammer action
  • Sounds, Accompaniments, Digital Effects, preset songs
  • Sequencer – for recording your own music
  • Built-in Speakers
  • External Connectivity – Headphone, Pedals, MIDI, USB MIDI, USB TO DEVICE

The lower-end dgx keyboards have light weighted keys but a high-end dgx keyboard like DGX-650 comes with weighted hammer action keys – heavy in the lower octaves, feathery light in the high, and amazingly responsive all over the keyboard.

Every Yamaha DGX keyboard has a variety of synthesizer features, so that you can practice and perform in any musical style of your choice.

Yamaha DGX Keyboards – Specific Features

In addition to the above features, you will find that Yamaha DGX keyboards contain features which are specific to Yamaha keyboards.

    The DGX keyboards have Smart Media slots and feature USB-interfaces. USB to HOST will let you connect your keyboard to a computer – for recording and playing back MIDI files and for transferring data to and from your computer. The USB to DEVICE will let you connect your dgx keyboard to external USB storage devices – to let you save or load the user created songs from the external storage media.

  • Yamaha Education Suite (YES)
    Built-in music-learning system that has piano exercises to train both your hands at various levels of complexity!

  • Digital Music Notebook
    Library of popular songs, sheet music, music books, and riffs which you can download to your Yamaha keyboard!

  • Get Online With IDC
    Get online and download learning stuff, by connecting your Yamaha keyboard directly to the Internet using the Internet Direct Connection (IDC).

  • Performance Assistant Technology
    With this feature, anything that you play will be blended with additional notes to make it sound good.

  • MegaVoice Technology
    Helps you capture the performance nuances of specific acoustic instruments; these are triggered by applying the correct force on the keys.

Yamaha DGX Keyboard Reviews: Which One Should You Buy?

So what should one go in for?

Well, all the keyboards in the DGX series are fine keyboards meant for players with different skill set.

But the dgx-230 is a great piano keyboard for beginners just because of its fine pricing, and that is the reason it is among the best-selling keyboards. It may not be one of the most robust keyboards but the yamaha dgx-230 is definitely a value buy for the features it offers.

The dgx-660 on the other hand is the best piano keyboard among all of Yamaha’s grand keyboards. It comes with proper weighted action keys and has got good looks too. The sound quality and the features offered are top class. So if you are looking for an excellent 88 key arranger piano keyboard, then the yamaha dgx-660 is the one to go for.

yamaha dgx keyboards, yamaha dgx

Best Yamaha DGX Keyboards

Summary – DGX Grand Keyboards

The DGX portable keyboards are the best bet for keyboardists looking for more than 61 keys at a reasonable price. You have the options of going in for a yamaha 76 key keyboard, or for a yamaha 88 key keyboard. At the higher end, the yamaha portable grand keyboard has 88-keys weighted graded hammer action to emulate an authentic piano like touch.

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