Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano: Lightweight, Yet Packs Power

Yamaha cp33 Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano for pro-keyboardists. ‘Electric grands’ with pro features, authentic sound and touch…perfect for onstage performance.

One of the better sounding stage pianos on the market, it comes with authentic grand piano sound, something that adds punch to your live performance, and is portable, versatile, and modern digital instrument.

The Yamaha CP33 is the perfect professional performance keyboard for the working keyboardist, who spends a lot of time performing, comes with several with top-notch features.

Why Consider the Yamaha CP33 Piano?

The cp 33 comes with authentic piano voices and its rich expressiveness makes it a popular stage piano among musicians.

It comes with 28 voices and is loaded with stunning effects to give punch to your live performance. The Yamaha cp-33 is a toned down version of cp-300.

Realistic Sounds

The Yamaha cp33 uses excellent sound samples which faithfully reproduces the most authentic acoustic piano voices possible. Besides the piano sounds, the cp33 comes with a wide variety of other instrument sounds like vintage electric piano, organ, guitar, strings, etc.

Graded Hammer Action

The cp-33 comes with Graded Hammer action keyboard which emulates the keys on an acoustic piano. The keys are lighter on the right side and heavier on the bass side of the keyboard.

Panel Lock button

This is a very good feature to have! When performing onstage you do not want to accidentally change any of the settings. This is where the Panel Lock button helps; it prevents you from accidentally changing any of the settings.

Yamaha cp33

More Features

Some of the other features that you will find useful are –

  • 88 fully weighted keys, graded hammer keyboard for authenic touch
  • Comes with built-in Speakers (good for practicing)
  • Master mode for independent & easy control of the tone generators
  • 64 note polyphony
  • No of sounds – 28
  • Effects – Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Temolo and Rotary Speaker
  • Half-damper effects
  • USB
  • Lightweight
  • Package includes Pedal

Watch: Yamaha CP33 demo

The Yamaha cp-33 is the toned down version of the cp-300 but it still retains all its punch and power. It comes loaded with excellent sounds and effects making it an ideal instrument for live performance. The graded hammer action keyboard gives it the best possible touch.

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