Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano: Sounds Close to a Real Piano

Yamaha cp300Yamaha CP300 Piano Review: A high-end piano in the CP Series. The CP-300 Stage Piano comes with authentic sound and live performance convenience. The best in the CP series, meant for pro-keyboardists.

If you’re a pro-keyboardist who spends a lot of time performing? If you’re looking for a top quality professional performance stage keyboard?

Want a stage piano with expressive power, pro-quality outputs, and live performance features? Need portability and versatility of a modern digital instrument?

Then should definitely have a look at the Yamaha CP-300 Stage Piano.

Why Use the Yamaha CP-300?

The CP300 is the latest and the best in the CP series of stage pianos.

It gives the live musician all the sound and expressiveness of a grand piano. It comes with almost 50 voices and is loaded with numerous effects to enhance your live performance.

Realistic Sounds

The cp 300 uses the best stereo samples of top-quality instruments which faithfully reproduces the most authentic acoustic piano voices possible. The cp300 also comes with a wide variety of other instruments like vintage electric piano, organ, guitar, strings, etc.

Graded Hammer Action

The cp-300 comes with Graded Hammer Effect keyboard which provides the expressive feel normally associated with an acoustic piano. The keys are lighter on the right side and heavier on the bass side of the keyboard.

Panel Lock button

When performing onstage you do not want to accidentally change any of the settings. This is where this button helps. The Panel Lock button prevents you from accidentally changing any of the settings.

MIDI Recorder

The cp 300 comes with a 16 track recorder to let you record your performances, making it a perfect tool for song writing. You can record 16 different instruments on 16 different tracks.

Yamaha CP300, CP 300

More Features

Some of the other features that you will find useful are –

  • 128 note polyphony – play complex musical passages
  • Effects – Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Rotary Speaker, Auto Wah, etc.
  • Four pedal connectors
  • Five-band Master EQ, with panel sliders
  • Balanced XLR outputs – cleanest, clearest noise-free signal
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker System
  • The piano sound from the built in speakers of this piano is very good, and you can get the same sound quality through amps / PA system as well.

Overall, The yamaha cp300 is a great stage piano. It comes loaded with excellent sounds and the balanced XLR outputs make it an ideal instrument for live performance. The graded hammer action keyboard gives it the best possible feel. These are just some of the features available; the cp-300 comes with a lot more.

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