Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

yamaha-c40 classical guitar

The Yamaha C40 is an affordable, classical guitar perfectly suited to beginners and young learners, and from a brand that is quite popular & trusted in this price range. Whether you’re stepping up from a 3/4-size guitar or looking for your first classical guitar, you’ll be happy to own the C40. The Yamaha C40 is a full sized bylon-string guitar that offers great value for money. Yamaha C40 Classical guitar has a sturdy build, glossy finish, features full 2″-wide nut, and produces resonant, well-layered, crisp tone. The top is made of spruce wood, back and side panels are made of meranti, neck is made of Nato, finger board and bridge is made of rosewood. See PRICE on Amazon.


The Yamaha C Series produces some great value-for-money classic guitars, and one of them is the Yamaha C40. Countless guitarists got their first guitar lesson on the Yamaha C40, a favourite with most beginners. The full-bodied classical guitar looks and sounds great, comes with a gig bag, tuner, and more.

  • Sounds great, affordable classical guitar
  • Spruce top provides bright and lively sound
  • 2″-wide nut allows beginner players to develop proper classical guitar finger techniques
  • Perfect guitar to upgrade if you currently own a 3/4-sized student model

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Affordable, Good Quality & Sound
  • Cons: You may need to replace the strings

Some of you may not like the factory strings, so feel free to change the classical guitar strings (although it may not be required for some). The guitar also comes with a preset high action (which you can adjust to your liking).

Who Is It For?

  • It’s perfect for any beginner (young or adult) who wants to learn
  • Perfect upgrade if you have learnt on a 3/4 guitar before
  • You may also use it as a practice guitar on the go
  • Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

    Yamaha is already a popular brand when it comes to the segment catering to the needs of beginners and intermediate level guitar players. The C series from Yamaha is one such series that has full-sized guitars with top build quality & sound.

    The Yamaha C40 is a classical guitar available at a price point that will appeal to most beginner learners.

    The spruce top produces a bright & lively tone, and it’s also available as a package that includes a digital tuner, padded gig bag, and a DVD.

    Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

    At the budget end of the market, Yamaha is quickly making a name for themselves, especially when it comes to acoustics and nylon string instruments (not electrics really).

    The C-40 is a great, cheap guitar that looks and feels good, and is available in a nice finish and color.

    It’s perfect for those who want to learn classical guitar, and also for those who want a spare guitar.

    Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar: Video Review

    Here’s video review of this guitar:

    Yamaha C40: Specs

    Here are the key features:

    • Full-size nylon-string classical guitar
    • Meranti body wood, Spruce top and back, sides are made of Indonesian mahogany
    • Rosewood fretboard, Nato neck, Dovetail neck joint
    • Headstock is rigged with six chrome YTM-01 tuning machines
    • Full 2″-wide nut (52 mm finger board width) allows you to develop proper classical guitar finger techniques
    • 18 frets, 25.9 inch scale (650 mm). Body depth is 94100 mm.
    • Chrome hardware

    This guitar may not sound like a Martin, but offers a ton of value for the dollar. The price is about as low as you can get for any guitar. One real advantage of this guitar is the ease of picking. The strings are set much farther apart than on a standard guitar; the neck is much wider. Thus, you can pick much easier than on a standard folk guitar.

    Overall Ratings

    If you’re a beginner keen on learning classical guitar, the Yamaha-C40 is a suitable option as it’s been built with an eye towards quality as well as affordability.

    Buying Links

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    1. Can you please give your suggestions on Yamaha c40. I am a beginner, will I need to upgrade soon?

      1. The Yamaha c40 is a great guitar for beginners and hobbyists. You will not need to upgrade this guitar for at least a couple of years. Later on you may buy an all solid guitar ($1000~$1500) or any made in Spain guitar with solid top. Otherwise, stick to the Yamaha c40. For the price, it has great finishing, good action string, very comfortable neck and solid construction.

    2. I bought this guitar for my son, who lost interest in Piano after learning for 5 years. he’s happy with the guitar and shows keen interest in the guitare.

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