Yamaha 61 key Keyboard: Most Likely To Be Your First Music Keyboard

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Yamaha 61 key Keyboard for learning the keyboards! Yamaha has a wide range of models for you to choose your first 61-key musical keyboard.

If you are planning to buy your first musical keyboard, you need to buy a keyboard with at least 61 keys if you are serious about learning to play the keyboards.

A Yamaha 61 keyboard will enable you to play using both your hands; you can use your left hand to play the harmony (chords) and your right hand to play the melody.

yamaha 61-key keyboard

Yamaha 61 Key Keyboards – Various Options

So what are the various options available in yamaha 61 key keyboards? Here are some of the models you may consider.

  • Yamaha EZ series: Contains 61 keys Lighted keyboards
  • Yamaha YPT Series – Contains 61 key arranger keyboards for beginners
  • Yamaha PSR Series – Contains 61 key arranger keyboards for beginners as well as experienced musicians.
  • Note that there is hardly any difference between the YPT and PSR-E series keyboards except for minor things like color. These are usually sold by different retailers.

    You may even consider the slight expensive models in the PSR series (more of arranger workstations), if you have already learnt music before. It is more like a beginner arranger workstation. Also, spend some time reading the various Yamaha keyboard reviews on this site.

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    Summary – Yamaha 61 Keys Keyboard

    A Yamaha 61 key keyboard can be the ideal music keyboard for you to get started. Even if you are an intermediate player, you can find suitable models as you go higher in the PSR series. I would suggest you buy your keyboard online as you get attractive offers most of the time.

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