Essential Woodwind Accessories

Players of Woodwind instruments need Woodwind accessories and replacements to get the most out of their woodwind instruments and even to keep them in top form for years to come.

Musicians and students can choose from a wide selection of woodwind accessories, mouthpieces, barrels, cases, instrument stands, parts, reeds, ligatures, swabs, cork grease, rods, care kits and more.

Woodwind Instruments Bags & Cases

Bags and cases are useful accessories that both students as well as experienced musicians need. These make it very easy for you to travel with your instrument, be it for lessons or to the venue for performing. Besides providing storage space, and a safe cushion, bags/cases also have space to keep other small music accessories/sheets/books.

Wind & Woodwind Accessories: Stands

Stands are useful accessories that help you keep your music instruments in an organised manner, ready to access them when inspiration strikes. These also come in handy on-stage when you get a small break in between performances; just keep your instrument on the stand, while you make some adjustments to your seating area, or do some stretching or just take a walk and come back.

Essential Woodwind Accessories

Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reeds

This one is among the most widely played reeds in the professional and educational world, suitable for all styles of music.

Vandoren Alto Saxophone Reeds

Distinctive French-style file cut, designed to produce quality sound due to a very thin reed tip, great for any style and for players of any skill level.

Vandoren Tenor Saxophone Reeds

Great for all-around use, from student to professional, classical to jazz.

Protec Clarinet/Oboe Thumb Rest Cushion

Nice & comfortable Thumb Rest made of translucent black material.

What sort of accessories do you need with Woodwind and Brass instruments

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