Best Wooden Music Stand: Reviews

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A wooden music stand looks classy, is visually appealing and projects the image of a professional musician / group of musicians. Wood was quite prominent several years back but then metal music stands have started gaining popularity lately, mostly because they are inexpensive. But the attractiveness and sturdiness of wood music stands has ensured that they still remain one of the most sought after music accessories.

Best Wooden Music Stand: Reviews

Checkout these traditional Wooden Music Stands that suits all kinds of budgets. These look elegant, are beautifully crafted and designed from solid wood. You can select from a wide selection of wood music stands designed for both beauty and functionality. These are perfect for churches, schools, choirs and home use.

On Stage SM7311W Music Stand

This wooden music stand includes a folding tripod base which makes it for easy storage and travel; it has a high impact plastic leg housing, friction locking knobs, leg support straps and non-slip rubber feet. The angle adjustment tension system makes for easy removal from the upper shaft. The stand also features a solid wood bookplate with a rosewood finish.

On Stage SM7311W Music Stand
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Music Stand, Colonial, Double Shelf

Has a single tray and double shelf, is height and tilt adjustable. The music rack is 20 inches wide by 12 inches tall and the tray is 2 inches deep. You can easily adjust the angle of the music rack to a number of positions. The foot span is only 19 inches and the three feet provide a very stable base. The stand is quite lightweight at just over 8 pounds.

Music Stand, Colonial Double Shelf
List Price: $199.90
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Tabletop Music / Book Stand

Eye level reading provides maximum comfort. It promotes proper posture for better spinal health. The large size ensures better hold & stability. It is heavy duty to withstand even the bulkiest books. It comes with a patented 2-way adjustment (height & degree).

Ingles Adjustable Violin and Viola Stand

This is a fully adjustable stand designed for stability. This stand safely cradles your violin or viola. It comes with a convenient retractable bow holder and safety restraint for added security. Best part is that it is easily foldable up for easy storage or transport. Read more.

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

This is similar to the one we saw above, it is a fully adjustable stand designed for stability. This stand safely cradles your cello or bass. It comes with a convenient retractable bow holder and safety restraint for added security. Best part is that it is easily foldable up for easy storage or transport. Read more.

Why Choose Wood?

A music stand is primarily used to hold sheet music so that you can read it while performing on your music instrument. But since most wood stands are sturdy, some even use them to hold their laptop so that they can refer to the digital sheet music while playing.

You get an assortment of wooden music stands but compared to the metal stands, maybe there are limited choices when it comes to wood. A good reason for that would be because wood is preferred mostly by experienced musicians and by those who give importance to the visual aspects, and not necessarily by beginners. So it turns out to be a bit more expensive.

There are several places from where you can buy them, and if you really want to get creative and don’t mind spending a few dollars more, you can even have them custom made from woodworkers.

Can these be used with any musical instrument? What if you’re a singer?

You don’t even have to worry about what instrument you play, whether you play in a seated or in standing position. These are easily height-adjustable and there is a lock down knob which ensures it stays locked at that position. If you are a travelling musician, these collapsible stands will ensure that you have no difficulty in carrying them around.

But then those are not the only advantages. Here are some more benefits:

We have mentioned about the visual aspects. These look beautiful and classy, there is no doubt about it.

These are sturdy and rock solid, can easily hold binders full of sheet music with ease. You can even keep your laptop with no shaking or fear of falling over.

You can use them in a standing or seated position depending on the music instrument you play, these are height adjustable and can be used to hold sheet music for any instrument that you play.

These are easily foldable so you can save space and easily carry them around if need be. You can use it at Home or carry it to the church, studio or take it along for performing on stage.

Wooden Music Stand
The Best Music Stands…

Available for Various Instruments

Music stands, though meant for holding the sheet music, will vary a bit depending on the instrument that the musician is playing.

Though the basic structure of the stand would remain more or less the same, the amount of height adjustment, the placements, the inclination, etc. will vary depending on whether it is going to be used by a singer, conductor, guitarist, violinist, etc.

Stands for Resting Musical Instruments

Not all the music stands are available for holding sheet music. You do get stands that are meant to rest the music instrument when you are not playing.

If you are a guitar, violin, or cello player, you won’t be keeping the instrument back in the case every time you are done with your practice session? That is where these stands come in handy. So, a stand meant for violin or the cello will have a built in bow holder, in addition to the basic structure.

Most will also come with foam rubber padding contact points, which ensures the finish of the music instrument remains intact.

Where to Buy?

There are several places where you could buy one, including choosing to build your own stand using a plan. However, there are several advantages of shopping online as you really don’t have to step out of the house to order. You can see the pictures, dimensions, and even reviews on the internet before ordering one.

Most of the online merchants offer good discounts and also have a good return policy. One thing to keep in mind is that since they offer a wide range of wood stands, few of them could be laminated furniture, especially the cheaper ones. The more inexpensive ones will look glossy and could be made of wood simulated materials. So keep that in mind.

However, even the cheaper ones have good base, and look sturdy. So if you wish you could actually keep them and probably replace the top with solid wood.

The decently priced stands however are quite sturdy, easily adjustable, have fine wood, and are attractive!

Wooden Music Stands
The Best Music Stands…

As you can see, if you a serious student of classical or any other genre of music, if you are a conductor or a small ensemble or an experience musician who is looking for an alternative to the all-black, metal stand, you do have better options. These wood stands look elegant and are just as good, actually better for certain uses, as the all-purpose metal stands.

Most musicians use metal stand to begin with but if you have been learning and practicing music for years, then it is high time that you invest in a nice wooden music stand.

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