Wind & Woodwinds Musical Instruments: Buying Guide

Wind & Woodwinds Musical Instruments buying Guide.

Bestselling Wind & Woodwinds Musical Instruments

Glory Closed Hole C Flute
Whether you want to buy a flute for yourself or want to gift it to someone, this flute is a great choice because of its quality and pricing. The Glory Closed Hole C Flute is a beginner’s flute that sounds decent, and is inexpensive. Great quality leather pads offer air tightness and water resistance.

Glory Key of C Piccolo
Glory piccolo features nice finish, comes with high quality double bladder pads, and ergonomic finger brace. This piccolo package includes a hard shell case, a soft cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, joint grease, and a pair of white gloves.

Glory Professional Alto Eb SAX Saxophone
This beginner’s sax is a good choice if you want a decent quality saxophone for a budget price.
Gold Laquer Finish, 11 reeds, 8 Pads Cushions, comes with case and a carekit. No need of tuning.

Mendini by Cecilio E Flat Alto Saxophone
Mendini by Cecilio E Flat Alto Saxophone features Gold lacquer body and keys. Large bore, Ribbed construction
High quality leather pads with metal tone boosters. Contoured keys with faux mother of pearl inlays. Hand engraved bell decoration.

Yamaha YRS-23Y Soprano Recorder
Excellent for playing in a classroom or ensemble situation. Good intonation, key of C, German fingering (indicated by the letter “G” above the rear thumbhole); double holes: C-C#, D-D#; features 3-piece construction.

Yamaha YRS-23Y is ideal for musicians, students, and educators.

Yamaha YRS-302B Soprano Recorder
The Yamaha 300 Series Recorder has Rottenburg-style body that features an arched wind way for a rich, full sound, Features maintenance-free ABS resin body material. Comes with a case, fingering chart, owner’s manual, cleaning rod, and recorder cream. Key of C. Double holes: C-C#, D-D#; 3-piece construction. Baroque fingering.

Aulos A507B Sopranino 3-Piece Recorder

Aulos three-piece F sopranino recorder, with Baroque-English fingering. Double holes for low F and F#, G and G#. Made of durable ABS resin. Produces a clear, even tone; light and delicate response. Includes brown leatherette bag; cleaning rod; and fingering chart.

Hamilton Alto/Tenor sax Stand
The Hamilton System X Alto and Tenor Sax Stand is adjustable to hold curved soprano, alto and tenor saxes. Bell yoke arms and height are both adjustable.

Nuvo N310RDPK Recorder with Case
Recorder with Case Nuvo N310RDPK Recorder with Case. A cheap recorder, suitable for the earliest beginners.

Wind & Woodwinds Musical Instruments

Wind & Woodwinds Musical Instruments category includes popular instruments such as the flute (and piccolo), clarinet, saxophone and double reed instruments (oboes, bassoons, English horns).

There are two main types of woodwind musical instruments; flutes and reed aerophones.

  • Flutes produces sounds by directing a force of air across the edge of a hole in a cylindrical tube. The flute family can be divided into two sub-families, these are open flutes, and closed flutes.
  • Reed aerophones produce sounds when a player’s breath is directed against a lamella or pair of lamellae which periodically interrupt the airflow and cause the air to be set in motion. (Source:

Wind & woodwinds Musical Instruments

Wide Selection of Instruments

The advantage of wind instruments is that they’re great beginner musical instruments for the younger band and orchestra students. They’re also lightweight and versatile.

Here, you’ll find a wide selection of Woodwind instruments ranging from bassoons, clarinets, English horns, and oboes, to flutes, piccolos, recorders, and saxophones.

You’ll also find several woodwind accessories and parts to keep your instrument clean and to protect your sound quality and investment. Popular woodwind accessories include instrument cases & bags, Instrument stands such as flute stands, clarinet stands, and saxophone stands, woodwind mouthpieces, instrument reeds and more.

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