Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano

williams rhapsody 2 digital piano

Williams Rhapsody 2 digital piano reviewed here. Fill your home or studio with impressive sound (and great looks) using the Rhapsody 2 that features an improved weighted keybed that provides a higher standard in realistic response and feel.

  • Pros: Easy to Use, Realistic Sound and better audio, Responsive keyboard action (Touch Sensitive Keys), comes with several piano sounds. Easy to assemble, most of this is simply plug and play. Weighted keys provides a real piano feel. Good pedal action.
  • Cons: Okay sound quality. Good for beginners and for intermediate players. Professional players may want to explore more expensive options (with more features and much better sounds) from Yamaha, Roland, Kawai or even Casio.
  • Best Uses: Learning, Accompaniment
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The Williams Rhapsody digital piano is a feature rich console piano with good piano sound and feel, available in an elegant design and rich wood finish.

Voices, Tones, and Rhythms

The Williams Rhapsody provides you with a range of sounds (Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Church Organ, Rock Organ, Strings, Vibraphone, Guitar, Bright Piano, Bass, Harpsichord, Choir, etc.)

The piano also comes with demo songs that uses the sounds of the piano.

The piano does not comewith any built-in styles though.

Its an Entry Level Digital Piano

Because of its pricing, its not fair to expect excellent build quality. But then its functional and does what it is intended to.

It also does not come with tons of features (lot of piano players don’t need them anyways).

The keys are weighted, and velocity sensitive, but don’t have a avery realistic Graded Hammer action.

Key Features

Key features of Rhapsody 2 digital piano:

  • Brand: Williams. Model: RHAPSODY 2
  • The piano comes with a built in metronome (useful tool to practice on time). This tempo is adjustable.
  • The keyboard of the piano can be split to play different instruments. For example, Bass with your left hand, while playing a more traditional piano sound or even a harpsichord in the right.
  • You can also layer one voice over another sound for interesting sound combinations.
  • Around 12 custom sounds crafted from a world-renown grand piano, vintage electric pianos, organs, strings, synths and more.
  • 64-voice polyphony max
  • Two-track recorder allows you to record what you play.
  • The USB MIDI connection will allow you to connect to a computer or iPad, making it easy to record into external studio features such as recording software.
  • Elegant PVC wood-like finish for great looks
  • Fully weighted keys
  • Sustain and Sostenuto pedals for realistic playability
  • Modulation/FX control provides realistic rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments.
  • Includes 12 demo songs, USB MIDI port, 2-track recorder, and convenient features such as split/layer, transpose, metronome, plus separate headphone and stereo out jacks.
  • Weight: 104.11 pounds. Size: 20 x 20 x 20 inches


Overall, a reasonably priced digital piano (looks like an upright piano) that’s suitable for learning or for piano practicing. This is a digital piano, so it never goes out of tune. Looks good, great sound, good features for the price.

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