Williams Overture 2 88-Key Digital Piano

williams overture-2 digital piano review

Williams Overture 88 Key Digital PianoThe Williams Overture 2 is an affordable 88 Key Digital Piano that looks good, has a decent set of features, and is suitable for beginners who are keen to learn the piano but don’t want to spend a lot on a grand piano. Available in a luxurious ebony gloss finish. For the price, this is a decent console piano.

  • PROS: Hammer Action Keys, Quality Sounds
  • CONS: Not a big brand yet
  • Uses: Learning, providing accompaniment, MIDI
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William pianos may not be as popular as a Yamaha or a Casio but a few of their models are indeed popular, and one of them is this piano.

Who Is It For?

This is a great piano for beginners and for practicing at home.

williams overture 88-key digital piano

Hammer Action Keys: These come with hammer action keys. Though not similar to the feel of a more expensive acoustic piano, these are heavy and durable, good for playing the piano.

Quality Sound: This digital piano offers quality sound and comes with a powerful built in stereo speaker system.

Multiple Pedals: With a soft, sustenuto and sustain pedal, you can play songs with lot of expression.

Assembling: There’s some assembly involved when you buy it new. The parts in the box include the 2 legs, the bottom bar with the pedals, and the piano its self. Assembly isn’t that hard, but I’d recommend having some assistance when putting it together, the piano itself is a bit heavy.

Video Review

Here’s video review of this piano:

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Here are the key features of the Williams overture piano:

  1. Console-style piano with sliding key-cover and full vanity panel.
  2. Dark Wood grain finish
  3. Keyboard: full size 88 Note, Hammer-action keyboard, with selectable touch response
  4. Pedals: Sustain, Sustenuto, Soft
  5. Polyphony: 64 notes maximum
  6. Main Voices (from control panel): 15 Voices (5 main voices x 3 variations), Pianos, Electric Pianos, Organs, Guitar, Strings
  7. Keyboard Modes: Full, Layer, Duet
  8. Effect: Reverb and Chorus, Metronome
  9. Recorder: 2-Track
  10. Play-Along Songs: 58 practice Songs, with separate Left hand/Right hand training
  11. Demonstration: 15 Quick Voice demos, 10 demo songs with GM orchestration
  12. 3-digit LED Display
  13. Connections: 2 x Stereo Headphones Outputs, Stereo Line Input, Stereo Line Output
  14. MIDI: In/Out, USB device port (MIDI via USB)

Overall, the action of the piano is good, not performance standard, but good. Much better than a lot of older though well taken care of acoustic pianos. Overall, a quality piece of equipment. Though not comparable to a $1000+ piano, the Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano is a decent console piano with good sounds, available for an affordable price.

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