Williams Digital Piano: Reviews of Legato, Rhapsody, Overture, Symphony pianos

Williams Piano

Williams Digital Piano and keyboards guide. Find reviews of Legato, Allegro, Rhapsody, Symphony, Grand, Overture, Encore, & other Williams piano keyboard models.

Williams Digital Pianos: Overview

Williams Digital PianoPopular mostly in North America, Williams pianos presents a range of digital pianos, keeping in perspective the budget of beginner players.

Just like Casio, this brand is aiming to provide digital pianos, that look high-end and expensive, at much reduced prices.

They are still providing all the features that you would find on other digital piano keyboards, with some models giving you graded hammer action keyboard. If you are a beginner or amateur piano player, or an educational institution, with a much tighter budget, you may want to explore this space.

Top Williams digital pianos…

  • Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano: Entry level 88-key piano with slightly weighted keys. For those who want a cheap 88-key keyboard
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  • Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano: 88-key console digital piano with better weighted keys. Looks nice and great for playing / Practice.
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  • Williams Overture 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano: 88-key console digital piano with nice weighted keys, better features and better sound quality.
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  • Williams Symphony Grand Digital Piano with Bench: Digital grand piano with great looks, great sound and feel. Looks like a real piano.
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  • Williams ESS1 Essentials Pack for Legato and Allegro 2 Digital PianosWilliams ESS1 Essentials Pack
    Williams ESS1 essentials pack for Legato and Allegro 2 Digital Pianos, includes power supply, sustain pedal, headphones, everything that you need to practice better. Read more…
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Williams Digital Piano – Products

In terms of their products, Williams have ensured they have a range of digital pianos that can cater to the tastes of a wide range of piano enthusiasts.

At the moment of writing, the various Williams digital piano models include:

Williams Legato
Affordable 88-Key Digital Pianos, the Legato pianos come with built-in speakers, basic piano tones, and is great for practicing the piano.

Read more on Williams Legato pianos here…

Williams Allegro
88 Key Digital stage Piano, multiple instrument voices, hammer-action weighted keys, 32 note polyphony, 3-track recorder

Read full review of Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano here

Williams Overture
Multiple voices and styles, 64 note polyphony, hammer-action weighted keys, 2-track recorder

Read full review of Williams Overture Upright Digital Piano here

Williams Symphony Console
Traditional Upright piano, with numerous voices and styles, 32 note polyphony, hammer-action weighted keys

Williams Symphony Elite
Multiple voices and styles, 64 note polyphony, graded hammer-action weighted keys

Williams Grand Piano
14 piano and instrument voices, 64 note polyphony, graded hammer-action weighted keys, octave shift and transpose


A Williams Digital Piano is designed keeping in mind tight budgets. In fact, many would be surprised to see its low prices, but then it is yet to establish itself as a top brand. All Williams pianos use high-quality grand piano samples, have 88 hammer action keys with weighted action, and come with adjustable touch sensitivity, all this adds up to give you an authentic piano playing experience. So if you are a beginner or amateur player, buying a Williams digital piano may turn out to be a bargain for you.

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