VTech KidiJamz Music Studio

vtech kidiJamz studio

The VTech KidiJamz Music Studio is a great instrument for kids to have fun, and at the same time increase their musical awareness. This toy lets you create and record your own songs and music, and plays it back on a detachable music player.

There’s plenty of features, sounds, rhythms that will interest the creative minds of young kids. Kids can record their tunes through the microphone, add digital voice effects, and use the musical scratching disc for lots of musical fun!

The two octave light-up keyboard guides you on how to play popular songs.

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Vtech Kidijamz studio demo / video review

Features of Vtech KidiJamz Studio:

  • Comes with a detachable music player with a record and playback feature
  • Comes with bundled headphones
  • Five musical styles and 10 musical instruments
  • Built-in microphone with 2 voice effects
  • Keyboard with light-up keys
  • Available in green and blue colors.

Overall, the VTech KidiJamz Music Studio is a cool musical keyboard that does a lot more than just make noise.

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