Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band

The Vtech 3 in 1 musical band instrument is a great bargain with 3 instruments for the price of one!

Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band at a Glance

  • Three instruments rolled into one
  • Built-in Musical styles
  • Comes with Recording feature
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Pros & Cons

  • PROS: Lots of features
  • CONS: Can get loud so you have to remind your little one to turn down the volume

Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band: Review

Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band ReviewKids will love this guitar, they just love to wear it and play and dance with it. The best thing about this guitar is that your little one is not going to get bored with it in a few days time. It has got good features, good songs, and it also turns into a piano or drums. Its also tough and durable, ready to take on rough-handling by kids!

Kids can often have short attention spans so any product that has more than one use is going to keep them engaged for longer. This awesome toy from vtech can change from a piano to an electric guitar by simply pressing a yellow button and shifting the guitars fret board into the base, the third feature is the drums, which while not as good as the other two features is still a great added extra.

The music is quite pleasant which can drive parents mad with some of these toy instruments. When playing piano the product works by detecting your child’s hand movements to create a drum sound to add to the effect.

There are also three different music styles included which range from hip hop to jazz to rock and roll. A volume slider is included as well as a record function. The record function allows you to record music to the instrument so your little one can then play along to it in future!

Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band

Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band review

Product Features & Specs

Here are the main features of the Vtech 3 in 1:

  • Manufacturer recommended age is 3 years to 7 years
  • Play three ways – Piano, Drum and Guitar
  • Three Musical styles – Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock
  • Recording feature lets you record and play back your songs
  • Volume control
  • IR sensor recognizes hand movements for a real music experience

What’s in the Box? You get:

  • Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band learning toy
  • User’s manual
  • Guitar strap

Vtech 3-in-1 Musical Band Review

This toy actually makes good sound and is not really irritating to the ears (unlike so many other musical toys). Your child can also control the sounds, tempo, and choose what song he/she wants to hear/play. There’s also a recording feature on this toy. It also offers a great value-for-money as it can also be used like a piano. Overall, a great one man band in one truly cheap product.

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