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Violin Lessons Software Reviews

Here are reviews of the best violin lessons software / courses. These programs provide comprehensive and structured video based learning, besides being much more cost effective.

You will not find many online learning software programs, when it comes to learning to play the violin, as compared to piano or the guitar.

One of the reasons being that it is perceived as a difficult musical instrument to play, and so anticipating lesser demand, companies did not come out with violin learning software for some time.

But things are definitely changing now and there are some good violin lessons software programs that are available.

What Should You Look For?

It is important to get a clean sound from your violin, which involves holding the bow in a particular manner.

So it is important that the violin learning software includes lessons, concepts, tricks and techniques on how to hold the bow and play the violin correctly.
It also should provide information on tuning, changing strings and preferably an online metronome.

Violin Lessons Software

Best Violin Learning Software

This is one of the better Violin learning software out there that makes playing the violin easy.

What do you get? The software provides:

Exclusive Violin Video Library that includes individual lessons on How to improvise, fingering, etc. Shows you how to play in various styles like Classical, Rock, Jazz etc.

Provides JamTracks for you to rehearse and to play along.

Provides memberbership to their online workshop that allows you to have unlimited access to all the ViolinMasterPro features and updates.

This does look like one of the better ones out there, so do check out this violin lessons software program.

ViolinMasterPro Violin Lessons Software

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