Best Vinyl Record Storage & Display: Ideas & Solutions

Best Vinyl Record Storage Ideas: Shelves, racks, boxes, cases, crates and stands.

Vinyl Records Back in Vogue

There are many who believe that ‘Nothing beats listening to music on vinyl.’ Add it to the nostalgic aspect, the pops and hisses, and you really start liking vinyl again.

And probably that’s the reason that the sales of vinyl records have gone up in recent times, with many investing in a good vinyl record player. Besides, their collection of vinyl have also gone up again, which brings us to the issue of storing them effectively, yet safely.

Plce to Store Vinyl Records

Finding a place to store vinyl records, especially in smaller homes, can be challenge. Besides, its a known fact that records should never, be stacked flat; that warps the records and could permanently damage them. That’s why these storage units are so essential, in case you have a good collection of vinyl records.

Vinyl Records can take up substantial amounts of space, and any good collection will need at least one good shelf, and probably multiple shelves, in case you develop a passion towards these.

Here, we take a look at the top/best vinyl record storage ideas, which should appeal to every style preference, budget and room/home size. These have great looks, are sturdy, and great for storage, as well as for transportation.

Odyssey CLP200P Carpeted Pro Lp Case

Holds up to 200 Vinyl Lp’s. Fully detachable lid for better storage, soft grip handles for better transportation. Approximate Dimensions (exterior): 28″W x 14″H x 14.5″D
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Crosley ST75-PA Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

Handcrafted Hardwoods and Veneers, Decorative Glass Door, Polished Brass Accents, Silver Plated Hardware, some assembly is required. Its avalible in 3 colors, Cherry, Oak and Papricka. Dimensions: 19.75L x 16W x 25.25H inches.
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Sefour VC030 60 LP Record Box

Holds up to 60 LPs, comes with a chrome carrying handle that makes it easy to transport. It’s durable and looks upscale, yet reasonably priced.
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Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate

Holds up to 75 Albums. Comes with carry handles, Finished in solid wood. Dimensions: 13.75″ (w) x 12.25″ (h) x 18″ (d)
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Vinyl Record Storage products reviewed here:

  • Odyssey CLP200P Carpeted Pro Lp Case (up to 200 Vinyl Lp’s)
  • Crosley ST75-PA Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet (Dimensions: 19.75L x 16W x 25.25H inches)
  • Sefour VC030 (60 LP Record Box)
  • Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate (up to 75 Albums)

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