Turntable Cartridges & Needles

Turntable Cartridges & Needles: Things to look for.

Role of Cartridges

Cartridges hold the needle in a traditional turntable, and in the case of more modern versions holds the the magnet, thus transmitting sound to your speakers.

So to get good sound quality from your audio equipment, you need a good turntable cartridge, be it for a DJ performance or for a private home party.

Traditional Turntable Cartridges Still in Demand

Most high-quality turntable cartridges do not include needles or magnets. The stylus on modern magnet-driven turntables not only delivers high-quality sound, it also avoids scratches on your precious vinyl albums.

However, there are many DJs who prefer the sound of more traditional turntable cartridges, and that’s why they are still in demand. Having said that, you need to remember that not all cartridges will work on all turntable systems.

Take Tone Arm Mount Length Into Consideration

When replacing turntable cartridges, you need to consider the length of the tone arm mount. Modern systems typically have a half-inch mount (more of a standard in the industry now). So longer mounts may not work with specific turntables, and you should avoid using incorrect cartridges as it could lead to potential damage. So choose the right arm mount length to minimize risks to your records.

Watch: How to set up your Turntable’s Tonearm

You should also consider using ‘force gauges’ and other accessories that prevent damage from regular turntable use.

How to Replace the Needle & Cartridge on a Turntable

Modern Features

In most modern turntables, Styluses have started to replace needles, and there are special guards that protect your records from damage.

Headshell wires are often easily replaced using only a small screwdriver, thus giving longer lives to cartridges (with regular maintenance). Many units are now designed to work with specific equipment, creating even better sounds.

Here we have a wide selection of cartridges available from trusted brands such as Audio Technica, Panasonic, and Shure. Save both time and money by buying turntable cartridges and accessories online from the comfort of your own home.

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