The ONE Light 61-Key (smart) keyboard

The ONE Light 61-Key smart keyboard: Features light-up keys that allows beginner musicians to start playing music in a matter of minutes.

The ONE Light 61-Key Keyboard: Review

Unlike other music keyboards, this keyboard doesn’t rely on the piano keyboard’s hardware to store songs and instrument sounds. This is a smart Keyboard that has to be connected to your mobile phone/tablet so that you can make use of the wide collection of sheet music, videos, and games that help you to learn to play the piano.

Even experienced musicians will enjoy playing on this keyboard as they have thousands of free sheet music to play.

Unlike other light-up keyboard, you have to select a song from the ONE Smart Piano app; once selected, the keys on the keyboard start lighting up prompting you to play the right notes.

So are all the games, lessons, free?

You get several free lessons and games along with the app. However, if you want more songs, you need to pay for it (starts from 99 cents).

The ONE Light Smart Keyboard: Demo / Video Review

Watch: The ONE Light 61-Key Keyboard Demo

The ONE Light Smart Keyboard: Features / Technical Specs

Key features of ONE Light 61-Key Keyboard:

  • Standard 61 keys that light-up, tells you you which notes to play
  • 128+ instrument sounds. 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos, games.
  • MIDI output and recording feature
  • Free learning app for iOS and Android
  • Also operates on 6 AA batteries

The ONE Light Smart Keyboard: Buying Links

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